‘One Piece’ Chapter 799 Spoiler Predictions: Luffy’s Fight With Fujitora A Segue for A Long Time Skip?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 799 Spoiler Predictions: Luffy’s Fight With Fujitora A Segue for A Long Time Skip?
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Latest “One Piece” Chapter 799 spoiler predictions recently noted Luffy and Fujitora’s fight to be interfered halfway. Will Law use teleportation and transfer Luffy away from the Admiral? Will Zorro save him? Or will there be another long time skip? Read on for more details.

There were two schools of thought regarding how the next “One Piece” chapter would transpire: Captain of Straw Hat Pirates Monkey D. Luffy fighting Marines Admiral Issho (also known as Fujitora) one on one or Luffy and Fujitora’s fight stopped.

In the first school of thought about “One Piece” chapter 799 spoiler predictions, fans at Manga Helpers were pretty much sure Luffy and Fujitora’s fight would be stopped along the way. Possible characters who were said to be making a move, or at least appear, to interrupt the fight was either Heart Pirates Trafalgar D. Water Law, Marines Inspector General Sengoku the Buddha, Straw Hats Pirates Swordsman Roronoa Zoro (also known as Pirate Hunter Zoro), Kaido, or others within the Dressrosa Kingdom.

On one of the “One Piece” chapter 799 spoiler predictions, it was said Law might teleport Luffy and the others out of the island. This seemed to be highly possible since Luffy might have great difficulty fighting Fujitora, whose strong power was just previewed by levitating massive rubble.

Another scenario was Sengoku’s appearance. It was said if Luffy see Sengoku, the Straw Hat Pirate might shut his moth and change his manner since Sengoku is considered as one of the top in the Navy, similar to his grandfather Marines Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp.

On the other hand, others were expecting Luffy to fight Fujitora. It was reportedly possible Luffy might have measured Fujitora’s strength through Kenbunshoku Haki, which seemed to be the reason of Luffy’s confidence.

Furthermore, when the fight between Luffy starts, Zoro might tag along while Law teleports away all the rubble. Others believed that Luffy had a chance against Fujitora since he could stand against Joker, who was ready to fight Fujitora.

But more than that, how the fight would transpire reportedly depends on “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda. If Oda intended to make another long time skip, Luffy’s fight against Fujitora might be used to grow and strengthen his powers.

However, if Oda is thinking of not having a time skip, the fight between the two would definitely be interrupted and postponed. So, the ball’s in the hands of Oda.

It could be recalled in “One Piece” Chapter 798 Luffy punched Fujitora in the face. He said he got tired on running away and was bent on fighting the Admiral. Here’s to hoping he emerges victorious if the fight happens.

These are so far the latest “One Piece” chapter 799 spoiler predictions.

Readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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