‘One Piece’ Chapter 799 Spoilers: Fujitora To Inflict Critical Blow Against Luffy As Fight Happens; Hype Increasing

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 799 Spoilers: Fujitora To Inflict Critical Blow Against Luffy As Fight Happens; Hype Increasing
“One Piece” Chapter 804 predictions said no war is going to happen between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates.

The latest “One Piece” chapter 799 spoilers revealed the fight between Luffy and Fujitora actually happening. Can the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirate defeat the Marines Admiral? Read on for more details.

The “One Piece” chapter 799 spoilers showed a funny fight between Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy and Marines Admiral Issho (also known as Fujitora).

In a spoiler image via Manga Helpers, it showed Luffy approaching Fujitora with his knuckles ready to punch Fujitora. Fujitora also seemed unharmed and dashed towards Luffy while trying to draw his sword.

One of the translations said Luffy would tell Fujitora where he was aiming in which Straw Hats Pirates Swordsman Roronoa Zoro find it strange. He seemed to be helping blind Fujitora to fight for the sake of making it fair.

Furthermore in the “One Piece” chapter 799 spoilers, Barto Club Bartolomeo the Cannibal was worried at Luffy and said Luffy needed not to fight Fujitora because of his condition. Leader of the Happo Navy Sai wanted to help Luffy.

However, Zoro seemed not keen on helping Luffy, perhaps seeing that Luffy needed this fight in order to become powerful and become the Pirate King.

“What Luffy said makes sense (referring to the whole thing of defeating the Admirals and the Yonkos if Luffy needs to be the next Pirate King). But what a strange way to fight,” Zoro said in another translation posted at Oro Jackson.

During the fight, Luffy kept shouting, “I won’t run” or “I kick you.” Fujitora also admired Luffy’s determination but what he said at the last part looked like he is about to strike Luffy with a deadly blow.

“I must commend you on your spirit and strength, but…,” Fujitora said.

It should be noted that the rubble was still in the air. And no one knows what Fujitora is about to do.

Will Fujitora throw the rubble towards Luffy? Is he going to attack through his sword or a meteor? Or is he just only going to tell something?

Whatever it is, it would surely be found out once “One Piece” chapter 799 comes out.

So far, these are the “One Piece” chapter 799 spoilers.

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Photo source: Ju gatsu mikka via Wikimedia Commons/“One Piece”

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