‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoiler Predictions: Fujitora, Sengoku To Make Last Ditch Attack In Capturing Straw Hats?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoiler Predictions: Fujitora, Sengoku To Make Last Ditch Attack In Capturing Straw Hats?
Jolly roger of the strawhat crew (One piece)

Fans are making predictions about “One Piece” Chapter 800 saying Fujitora might attempt on stopping the Straw Hats. Will Sengoku tag along? Read on for more details.

In the previous “One Piece” Chapter 799 “Parent and Child,” it could be recalled that the exciting fight of Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy and Marines Admiral Issho (Fujitora) was interfered halfway.

Fujitora was left standing and hearing how the citizens of the Dressrosa Kingdom looked up on Luffy as Luffy and the pirates escape . To this, the Admiral was curious about Luffy’s character as well as his appearance, thinking Luffy was a good man after all.

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It appeared Fujitora was allowing the pirates, especially the Straw Hat Pirates, to escape. However, “One Piece” fan ‘mDibzee’, via One Piece Forum, predicted that in “One Piece” Chapter 800, the gravity-controlling Admiral might possibly try a last ditch attack.

‘mDibzee’ went on to say this type of attack might be a safe attack which could easily be fended off, perhaps to make it look as if he was trying to catch the pirates.

Furthermore, Marines Inspector General Sengoku the Buddha would probably join since he could not allow 5,600 wanted criminals escape that easily.

The “One Piece” fan also said CP-0 might appear suddenly since it was previously said that this strong intel group was sailing towards the Dressrosa Kingdom.

Hence, the all Marines in the island might make a last desperate attack, with the pirates successfully blocking them and escape.

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‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoiler Predictions: Fujitora’s Sword Is The Real Devil Fruit User?

Meanwhile, fans over Manga Helpers could not help but speculate on the possible source of Fujitora’s awesome power.

‘Zehahaha’ believed Fujitora’s sword possessed this massive power. In other words, it was not Fujitora who was the real Devil Fruit user but his sword, akin to CP9 Chief Spandam’s Funkfreed sword.

This was because everytime Fujitora executes his power, he would draw it. And according to ‘Zehahaha,’ this allegedly hints about the sword as the source of Fujitora’s power, expected to be executed again in “One Piece” Chapter 800.

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‘ladylola’, however, disagreed and said Fujitora was the real Devil Fruit user, not the sword. ‘ladylola’ went on to say the Admiral might probably be handling a cane sword used both as a weapon and as an aid to find his way due to his blindness.

‘Brunch’ also thought the same, saying Fujitora was apparently channeling his powers through the sword.

‘MBVC’ also recalled Fujitora previously ate Ramen on the flying Navy ship while pulling down a huge meteorite. He pulled it off without even touching his sword; hence, there was no way Fujitora’s sword ate a Devil Fruit.

This is still debatable and fans expect for the truth to be revealed, at least, in the upcoming One Piece” Chapter 800.

For the meantime, readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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