‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoiler Predictions: Luffy To Refuse The 5,600-Member Alliance? Straw Hats Slowly Becoming Dreadful

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoiler Predictions: Luffy To Refuse The 5,600-Member Alliance? Straw Hats Slowly Becoming Dreadful
“One Piece” Chapter 804 predictions said no war is going to happen between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates.

Latest “One Piece” chapter 800 spoiler predictions recently pointed on Luffy’s possible decision after seven powerful leaders expressed their desire to be his underling children or as subordinate crews. Will the Straw Hat Pirate refuse? Read on for more details.

“One Piece” chapter 800 spoiler predictions over Manga Helpers were saying Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy (also known as Straw Hat Luffy) would refuse what the seven powerful leaders want.

Although Luffy told the seven they could do whatever they want, “One Piece” fan ‘GoE’ believed it’s not Luffy’s nature to accept this kind of request. But if the seven leave (which totaled to a whopping 5,600 potential new Straw Hat Pirates crew), they would still uphold Luffy in high honor.

‘xocolatl’ also observed the alliance system was somewhat very similar to the Yonko (Four Emperors). For ‘xocolatl’, it was like the way Blackbeard Pirates Captain Marshall D. Teach (usually called as Blackbeard) had Burgess (Champion) as his first fleet commander.

‘gaston42’ also believed Luffy might be uncomfortable ruling a very large organization because he only wanted to have adventure and sail everywhere freely. And to be able to do that was to be the Pirate King.

However, “One Piece” chapter 800 spoiler predictions by ‘costicla’ thought Straw Hat Pirates Archeologist Nico Robin (Devil Child) and Swordsman Roronoa Zoro (Pirate Hunter Zoro) might tell Luffy to reconsider the offer if he refuses it. It was because Luffy needed this large alliance in order to defeat or, at least, be on par with the Yonkos.

‘gaston42’ also saw Heart Pirates Captain Trafalgar D. Water Law (Trafalgar Law) trying to persuade Luffy to accept the offer of alliance from the seven. As a result, Luffy might accept it but insist they are his equals and not his subordinates.

In “One Piece” chapter 799, Beautiful Pirates Captain Cavendish of the White Horse (Pirate Prince), Barto Club Pirate Bartolomeo the Cannibal, Happo Navy Leader Sai (Don Sai),  XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance Boxer “Destruction Cannon” Ideo, Tontatta Kingdom Warrior Leo, Warrior “Pirate Mercenary” Hajrudin, and Yonta Maria Grand Fleet Adventurer “Massacre Ruler” Orlumbus were willing to be under the flagship of the Straw Hat Pirates.

These seven powerful leaders each have a powerful crew, with one of them having as much as 1,000 members. And having them under the Straw Hat Pirates make the crew dreadful.

However, will Luffy accept it? It could only be revealed once “One Piece” chapter 800 gets released.

So far, these are the “One Piece” chapter 800 spoiler predictions. Readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Ju gatsu mikka via Wikimedia Commons/“One Piece”

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