‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoilers: Fujitora Protects Luffy; Captains Drink Sakes As Pledge of Allegiance to Luffy

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 800 Spoilers: Fujitora Protects Luffy; Captains Drink Sakes As Pledge of Allegiance to Luffy
“One Piece” Chapter 804 predictions said no war is going to happen between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates.

“One Piece” chapter 800 spoilers are out and it showed Luffy’s answer to what the seven powerful leaders were offering. Did the Straw Hat Pirate captain refuse the 5,600-men alliance? Read on for more details.

Majority of “One Piece” fans were expecting Straw Hat Pirates Captain Luffy to refuse the 5600-men alliance as represented by the seven powerful pirate captains.

Although this could be disappointing, but latest spoilers, via Oro Jackson, for “One Piece” chapter 800 confirmed Luffy’s refusal. Why? For Luffy, he only wants to be the Pirate King and not some important individual.

In the “One Piece” chapter 800 spoilers, the seven were trying to convince Luffy to accept them as his underlings. In fact, they tried to force Luffy on drinking sake and become his official subordinates.

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Barto Club Captain Bartolomeo the Cannibal explained that Luffy would be hunted by big shots. He also told Luffy that he would need enough fleet to take on the whole world once he becomes the Pirate King.

Yonta Maria Grand Fleet Adventurer “Massacre Ruler” Orlumbus reasoned that Luffy would need their power someday; hence, it is important to accept their offer. Others were already planning on beating Luffy up and force him to accept it such as Beautiful Pirates Captain Cavendish of the White Horse (Pirate Prince), Happo Navy Leader Sai (Don Sai), and XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance Boxer “Destruction Cannon” Ideo.

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The “One Piece” chapter 800 spoilers also showed that some of the seven leaders did not fully understand Luffy’s reason of only becoming a Pirate King and not some important guy. But not with Barto as he grasped the deeper meaning of what Luffy meant in becoming a Pirate King: simply being free.

Since they could not convince, not even force, Luffy to accept their offer, the seven leaders chose to sit and drink sakes on their own (shown in this image). Through this, they declared an oath to be Luffy’s spear and shield especially in times of need.

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Meanwhile, fleet of ships owned by Doflaming’s allies started attacking the pirates, demanding for Luffy’s head. Yonta Maria quickly scrambles its men to defend themselves.

Unexpectedly, Marines Admiral Issho (Fujitora) threw the rubble at the aggressors. This gave the Straw Hat Pirates and their new allies a chance to escape.

As shown in the “One Piece” chapter 800 via Manga Helpers, Fujitora bowed down at Luffy’s direction. The Admiral thanked the Straw Hat Pirate for cleaning up the mess that the World Government made.

It seems the Straw Hat Pirates do not only have the seven powerful leaders as their ally. They also now have the dreaded Fujitora.

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Photo source: Ju gatsu mikka via Wikimedia Commons/“One Piece”

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