‘One Piece’ Chapter 803 Spoiler Predictions: Weeble, Miss Bucking Relationship Confirmed To Be Like Majin Buu, Babidi

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Spoiler predictions about “One Piece” Chapter 803 have been making rounds on the net recently which noted on Weeble and Miss Bucking’s true identity as well as their relationship. Is she really Whitebeard’s wife? And does Whitebeard really have a son? Read on for more details.

Edward Weeble is not the son of Whitebeard Pirates Captain Edward Newgate and Miss Bucking also not Newgate’s wife.

This is commonly the belief of “One Piece” fans especially at Manga Helpers. Many of them said Weeble could be someone else and was just being under the control of Miss Bucking’s power.

‘catagon87’ believed Miss Bucking was only looking for Newgate’s treasure and was able to hypnotize Weeble effectively. Although probable, but how she did it remains to be a mystery.

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It could be possible that Miss Bucking had some type of power that enables her to hypnotize though. Hopefully, she reveals her powers in “One Piece” Chapter 803.

Another interesting prediction was from ‘ShenGao’ who cited an image from a fan in 4chan. It revealed Miss Bucking’s hat looking very similar to Rolling Pirates Captain Lola who, just like Miss Bucking, wants to marry someone.

Furthermore, ‘ShenGao’ cited that Lola and Weeble’s braids also looked strikingly the same.

Surely, things are really weird in “One Piece” chapter by chapter. And weird as it may seem to be, ‘hokageji’ said Weeble looked like Lola’s zombie. ‘kidopitz27,’ meanwhile, believed Weeble looked like a failed experiment of Shichibukai Gekko Moriah.

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But what seemed to be an explanation of Weeble and Miss Bucking’s relationship was a citation of ‘FaustXIII’ from The One Piece Wikia in which it stated the two were inspired by Majin Buu and Babidi – a strong but childlike individual controlled by a short and old character who wants nothing but self gain.

‘Stiltzkin’ recalled “The Thirteen Ghosts” movie in which the two of those ghosts were the great child and the dire mother.

So far, these are the “One Piece” Chapter 803 spoiler predictions. Readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: TSoutherland via Flickr user Muhammed Ahmed Khan|”One Piece”

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