‘One Piece’ Chapter 804 Spoiler Predictions: Naruto Invading Luffy’s World? Falling Thing, Raizou Or Poop?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Recent “One Piece” Chapter 804 spoiler predictions have noted on the thing falling towards Luffy and his crew. Is it Raizou or an elephant poop? Will the Straw Hat Pirates have a new nakama? Read on to find out more what this falling thing is guessed to be about.

It could be an elephant poop or a person.

The house is still divided at various “One Piece” Chapter 840 discussion sites as fans speculated on what could be that falling thing.

‘Mohsen’ at Manga Helpers believed that the next chapter would feature ninjas, the world of which Naruto belonged. But ‘Mohsen’ thought they could be another group whom Eiichiro Oda would use to create humor along the story just like the Samurais.

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Other “One Piece” readers at Oro Jackson meanwhile also ventured on what could that failing thing be. If the falling thing was a person, it could be the ninja Raizou, which his name’s meaning allegedly contained lightning.

‘TheConqueror’ believed Raizou could be a Lightning Elephant and at the same time a ninja. ‘12th Supernova’ said he could be the new nakama of Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy.

‘Hero Sanji’ said it could be a person but as to the identity, it was deemed impossible to know given the size of the image. ‘Sanzen’ agreed and said it could be someone who has the same body type as Yonko Captain Kaido of the Beasts.

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So, will Kaido appear again in “One Piece” Chapter 840? According to ‘Hero Sanji,’ anything is possible in the world of “One Piece” and added that who knows it might also be Big Mom Pirates Captain Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom).

However, ‘Hero Sanji’ recalled in “One Piece” Chapter 803 “Climbing the Elephant” that the falling thing might not be a person since Straw Hat Pirates Archeologist Nico Robin and Luffy referred to the falling thing as “something” and “what.”

Hence, it could be nothing but an elephant poop. Well, Luffy look out!

Readers are reminded to take predictions about “One Piece” Chapter 840 with a grain of salt.

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