‘One Piece’ Chapter 804 Spoiler Predictions: Revolutionary Army Traitor Causes Dragon’s Downfall, Battle With Blackbeard Pirates Imminent?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Latest “One Piece” Chapter 804 spoiler predictions have said the Revolutionary Army is set to battle the Blackbeard Pirates. Did Dragon just entrap the Blackbeard Pirates? Read on to find out.

The Revolutionary Army versus the Blackbeard Pirates battle would surely create massive devastation at each other’s side.

Although it was sudden for the fans at Manga Helpers that a possible fight between these two powerful armies could occur anytime, still many saw it was an amazing turn of events.

If a fight erupts between Monkey D. Dragon and Marshall D. Teach, “One Piece” reader ‘DeadlyBeast’ thought the Blackbeard Pirates will have a hard time fighting the Revolutionary Army, especially its leaders, in “One Piece” Chapter 804 because they are believed to be also on par with the Yonkos.

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Taking also into consideration in the previous “One Piece” Chapter 803 “Climbing the Elephant” that Dragon was summoning all the leaders, a powerhouse Revolutionary Army is what the Blackbeard Pirates will face. Additionally, ‘Holt’ thought the massive weapons the Revolutionary Army gathered would be a big boost for them.

However, ‘Melmoth’ believed attacking the Revolutionary Army would not give something that will profit the Blackbeard Pirates. Hence, he thought Blackbeard might blackmail Dragon’s group such as threatening to spill their base’s location to the World Government.

‘rapidbamboo,’ meanwhile, speculated that Dragon was setting a trap against the Blackbeard Pirates in “One Piece” Chapter 804 and a fight is definitely going to happen.

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Others believed perhaps Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff Sabo lured the pirates into their base. But ‘Holt’ believed it to be unlikely since the army was trying to hide their base.

‘Crazy pirate’ also observed that something fishy was going on because Dragon suddenly gathered all the leaders along with their forces. Further, Dragon’s targets were not pirates; so, why would he fight the Blackbeard?

‘obamamania’ felt the arc beyond “One Piece” Chapter 804 might feature Dragon’s downfall due to some traitor believed to be making a move against him. But who would that be?

Fans will definitely found it out once “One Piece” Chapter 804 releases. But for now, readers are reminded to take these with a grain of salt.

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