‘One Piece’ Chapter 804 Spoiler Predictions: Robin Attracted To Liffy’s Dad Dragon? Budding Romance Set To Bloom?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Latest “One Piece” Chapter 804 spoiler predictions recently noted on Robin’s reaction upon seeing a dragon in the previous chapter. Did it hint a budding romance between Robin and Dragon? Read on to find out if Robin x Dragon is a possibility or not.

Straw Hat Pirates Archaeologist Nico Robin previously gushed on the Climbing Dragon released by Wano Country Samurai “Evening Shower” Kanjuro in the previous “One Piece” Chapter 803 “Climbing the Elephant.”

Fans saw Robin thinking of the dragon as “so cute” and this allegedly might be a reference to Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy’s father Monkey D. Dragon (Dragon the Revolutionary), who is a leader of the Revolutionary Army. ‘ProGoddess’ at Manga Helpers thought Robin could be referring to Dragon since there were two panels already in the previous chapter that showed Robin to be thinking that way.

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Based on what she was thinking, did it really hint a romantic relationship between Dragon and Robin? Will it be revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 804?

While this could be possible, “One Piece” reader ‘Australopithecus’ believed to be only one of the gags by the manga creator, Eiichiro Oda. But more than that, ‘Australopithecus’ noted on Robin’s reaction at a dragon in the Punk Hazard.

In his prediction for “One Piece” Chapter 804, ‘Australopithecus’ said Dragon was showed to be a Western-type dragon (one example was the leader’s ship). And at the Punk Hazard, Robin’s reaction was not the same in the Zou Island.

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‘Australopithecus’ went on to say Robin’s reaction to the Climbing Dragon was only similar to the way how “boys react to robots and ninjas with sparkly eyes” and “girls react to cute things.”

But on the other hand, ‘ProGoddess’ noted on Dragon’s “tongue tight” reply when Revolutionary Army Koala asked why he did not ask about his son, Luffy. ‘ProGoddess’ believed that Dragon might be the one who was attracted to Robin or perhaps the two them.

No one knows what exactly Eiichiro Oda is hinting in Robin’s reaction. For the meantime, readers should take predictions for “One Piece” Chapter 804 with a grain of salt.

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