‘One Piece’ Chapter 805 Spoiler Predictions: Mink Men Turned Nami Into An Animal Or Stole Her Clothes?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Predictions for “One Piece” Chapter 805 assumed that Nami is alright and only got one of her clothes stolen. Read on to know more.

In the previous “One Piece” Chapter 804 “Adventure in the Country on the Back of an Elephant,” the Straw Hat Pirates encountered members of the Mink Men tribe, whom Usopp saw one of them wearing “Cat Burglar” Nami’s clothes.

A lot of fans were mystified how a member of the Mink Men got Nami’s clothes. This led to speculations that perhaps something happened to Nami.

One of the readers at Manga Helpers, ‘mattiaildivino,’ suggested Mink Men have the power to transform humans into animals. Thus, it was believed that “One Piece” Chapter 805 might show how the Mink Men changed Nami into an animal.

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‘Tonix’ believed Eiichiro Oda might be hinting on Nami’s transformation. However, ‘Tonix’ also thought the Mink Men might have checked Thousand Sunny and stole Nami’s clothes.

But for ‘MBVC,’ he believed the Zou Island might have some sort of fruit-bearing trees that transform humans into animals. In this case, “One Piece” Chapter 805 might show Nami possibly have eaten a fruit and got transformed into an animal, but only for a short period of time.

It was also believed that one of the effects of the transformation was erasing the memory. Thus, Nami (if she was the Mink Woman) could have had her memories erased temporarily.

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On the other hand, many did not agree about the prediction noting on Nami being turned into a Mink Man.

‘ladylola’ believed the Mink Man was not Nami since Nami was wearing a different clothing in “One Piece” Chapter 795 “Suicide.”

‘ProGoddess’ also said the Mink Men might have searched on the Thousand Sunny, led by the Mink Woman riding on a crocodile, and got Nami’s clothes.

And since Nami and the others were intruders, the Mink Men could have taken everything that seemed to be new to them in the Thousand Sunny.

‘ProGoddess’ rightly said that if more Mink Men appear in “One Piece” Chapter 805 wearing clothes, hats, and others from the Thousand Sunny, it would be safe to assume that they went to the ship and stole them, debunking speculations on Nami transformed into an animal.

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