‘One Piece’ Chapter 806 Spoiler Predictions: Mythical Zoan Jack Leaves Zou To Rescue Doflamingo From Marine Ship?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Latest spoiler predictions for “One Piece” Chapter 806 have noted on Jack’s identity and ability. Is he a mythical Zoan creature? Read on to find out its possibilities.

Various “One Piece” fans were intrigued over this mysterious Jack.

Little is known about Jack but obviously he seemed powerful based on the massive damages he had done in Zou Island, shown in “One Piece” Chapter 805 “Mink Race.”

The One Piece Wiki recorded that Jack is a pirate captain who had connections with the Underworld. This also meant that Jack and Donquixote Doflamingo (“Heavenly Yaksha”) have some type of close relations or have formed an alliance in the Underworld.

Jack was first mentioned in “One Piece” Chapter 692 “Assassins from Dressrosa” and got featured again in “One Piece” Chapter 801 “Proclamation of a New Era,” where his ship was shown to be watching the Marine Fleet.

Fans at Manga Helpers believed Jack would be the main villain for “One Piece” Chapter 806. ‘Holt’ thought Jack did not only have connections with Doflamingo bit with Yonko Pirate Captain Kaido of the Beasts also.

‘StrawHat 13’ believed Jack might be Kaido’s 1st mate and handler of his operations.

‘ladylola’ agreed about Jack being the next villain and also said Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy might save the Mink Men in chapters beyond “One Piece” Chapter 806.

‘Black Void’ believed “One Piece” Chapter 806 might feature Jack as a slave trader in the Underworld.

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As for Jack’s abilities, ‘Kuza’ said he might be a huge Zoan type creature. ‘dougbp’ agreed and said he could be a Mythical Zoan type like Whitebeard Pirates 1st Division Commander Marco the Phoenix or Marines Inspector General Sengoku the Buddha.

‘danzouismadara’ noted on the huge animal markings in the previous chapter and said Jack’s men might be Zoans.

But what was Jack’s reason of attacking the Zou Island?

‘FC Teich’ believed Jack might have kidnapped other Straw Hat Pirates, who were in the Zou Island. And it was said Jack might use the Straw Hats as an exchange for Doflamingo.

‘StrawHat 13’ thought Jack went to Zou to assemble the Smile Users, who were believed to have blended in with the Mink Men, for war and have ordered the Smile Users to attack the Mink Men in order to make it look like a civil war.

After doing it, Jack might have learned about Doflamingo’s defeat and left Zou Island to rescue Doflamingo. Hence, “One Piece” Chapter 806 might feature Jack’s rescue attempt.

‘strawhatcrew’ made an interesting progression of enemy villains in chapters beyond “One Piece” Chapter 806. ‘strawhatcrew’ said Luffy would fight Joker, Jack, Queen, and King types of villains.

‘strawhatcrew’ noted Luffy’s fight with Doflamingo (the Joker). After that, Luffy was expected to face this Jack.

Later on, Luffy would fight a Queen (believed to be Big Mom Pirates Charlotte Linlin) and, eventually, fight the King (Kaid0).

However, these are bound to miss. Therefore, readers are reminded to take “One Piece” Chapter 806 spoiler predictions with a grain of salt.

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