‘One Piece’ Chapter 806 Spoilers: Elephant’s Trunk Spraying Eruption Rain Confirmed; Luffy, Law To Run From Trouble

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 806 Spoilers: Elephant’s Trunk Spraying Eruption Rain Confirmed; Luffy, Law To Run From Trouble
Straw Hats and Big Mom to form an alliance in “One Piece” chapter 812.

“One Piece” chapter 806 spoilers revealed Robin, Law, Luffy, and the rest of the fruit users are set for trouble because of elephant Zou Island about to spray its “Eruption Rain.” Can the Straw Hats find safety?

SPOILER ALERT: Readers are advised to skip this article if they don’t want to know something in advance about the upcoming chapter. Otherwise, read on for more details.

The prediction about the “Eruption Rain” coming from the elephant Zou Island’s trunk turned out to be true after all.

The first frame of the spoiler image of “One Piece” chapter 806 revealed the same volcano-shaped mountain that releases what the locals of Zou Island call “Eruption Rain.”

The second frame showed the volcano-shaped was in fact the trunk of the elephant Zou Island spraying water on its back, which is a trait common to elephants.

This also meant every fruit user on top of Zou Island is bound for trouble as they can’t survive water. In the third frame, it showed the Straw Hat Pirates standing in fear as they saw massive water coming at them.

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Straw Hat Pirates Archeologist Nico Robin shouted, “It will become a flood!! Hurry to high places!!”

The location of Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy (Straw Hat Luffy, Straw Hat) was not revealed. However, Luffy was previously seen going with the Mink Woman.

It might be safe to assume that Luffy won’t get drowned in the water as what ‘TitaniumOxide’ at Manga Helpers believed he could be riding on the crocodile too in “One Piece” Chapter 806.

‘xXVergiliusXx’ at Oro Jackson said Robin and Heart Pirates Captain Trafalgar D. Water Law are the ones in big trouble. But ‘xXVergiliusXx’ believed Shipwright “Cyborg” Franky would save them.

‘Kyros’ thought perhaps Franky might use “Franky Butterfly” skill again to save the Straw Hat crew.

So far, these are the details of “One Piece” chapter 806 spoilers.

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Photo source: TSoutherland via Flickr user Muhammed Ahmed Khan|“One Piece”

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