‘One Piece’ Chapter 807 Spoiler Predictions: Sanji Alive But Loses Limb? Sanji’s Death Too Early, Said Fans

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Recent predictions for “One Piece” chapter 807 have noted on Sanji’s situation. Is he really dead or kidnapped? Read on to know more.

While various “One Piece” fans expected chapter 806 to reveal Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji and the rest, it came a bit of a shock as it seemed to imply that Sanji is dead.

Readers found it hard to believe that Sanji, who is rumored to be a noble, could be dead sooner than expected since “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda still had somewhere 30 percent left to finish the manga.

According to ‘ShenGao’ at Manga Helpers, Eiichiro Oda would not kill Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji since Sanji is one of the main characters of the story.

It should also be noted that a Greatest War is set to happen in chapters beyond “One Piece” chapter 807 and Monkey D. Luffy (“Straw Hat Luffy, “Straw Hat”) needed all his powerful Nakamas to defeat whoever he may face.

‘Shinflagg’ also thought Sanji is alive. As to his whereabouts, ‘Shinflagg’ believed Jack or Big Mom Pirates Captain Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) might have captured him; or Sanji could have left the Straw Hat Pirates because of the new wanted poster and the noble rumors turning out to be true.

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Some fans believed “Black Leg” Sanji is dead. However, ‘GomuGomuNo’ thought Navigator “Cat Burglar” Nami and Doctor Tony Tony Chopper could not relax the way they did in “One Piece” Chapter 806 “At Right Belly Fortress” if Sanji died.

‘Zehahaha’ said “One Piece” chapter 807 might show Sanji to be alive but badly beaten. ‘ShenGao’ believed he could have lost at least on limb, which allegedly explained Nami’s crying.

‘Mohsen’ thought Sanji could be somewhere in the elephant Zou Island, being the person who stopped Jack from completely destroying the nation.

‘Shinsatsu’ said Warrior of the Beast Tribe member Wanda might be referring to “Black Leg” Sanji and the crew as the “saviors” and that Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates as “the friends of our saviors.”

Akin to the prediction of ‘Shinflagg’, ‘Shinsatsu’ thought Sanji could have possibly revealed his real identity and offered himself as hostage just to keep “Cat Burglar” Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, and the rest, including the Mink Tribe, safe.

Chapter 806 really made quite a mystery and “Black Leg” Sanji’s whereabouts have also created hype. However, there were still some fans who managed to keep the tension down.

‘SirJack’ said, “Now I’m really worried about Oda’s health. Another break.”

To which ‘ShiShiSonson’ replied, “He always does this, 3-4 chapters and a break. By the way some chapters are 14-15 pages instead of 19 pages! I swear in 10 years One Piece will still be running. I will be a father, I will have children and I will finish it with my children.”

Here’s to hoping the hype about “Black Leg” Sanji won’t be too long. As for predictions for “One Piece” chapter 807, readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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