‘One Piece’ Chapter 808 Spoilers: No Sanji? Jack As ‘Mammoth’ Confirmed; More Zou Attack Details

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 808 Spoilers: No Sanji? Jack As ‘Mammoth’ Confirmed; More Zou Attack Details
Straw Hats and Big Mom to form an alliance in “One Piece” chapter 812.

“One Piece” chapter 808 spoilers are out and it confirmed previous speculations about Jack being a mammoth. But where is Sanji?

In the upcoming chapter, it seemed fans are going to have more flashback details about the time Jack attacked one of the nations on the elephant Zou Island.

A spoiler image released at Manga Helpers showed the destroyed gates of one of the nations on the elephant Zou Island.

It seemed this was the same gate that Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the crew entered through in “One Piece” chapter 804: “Adventure in the Country on the Back of an Elephant.”

The “One Piece” chapter 808 image showed Bariete “The Gatekeeper” and other Mink Men shocked on seeing a prehistoric mammoth attacking their place.

Bariete immediately rang a giant bell to warn the others of the siege. After hearing the signal, they went to the gate to respond.

However, Jack and his crew were to powerful. The Mink Men were eventually defeated and killed, with their town devastated.

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The spoiler image allegedly confirmed two things: Jack is a mammoth and the falling monkey was Bariete.

Readers got excited after seeing that “One Piece” chapter 808 might give more details about Jack.

‘Turtleburd’ at Oro Jackson believed Jack is really a “Moth Zoan.”

‘Mugiwara’ said the spoiler image confirmed two prehistoric characters: Drake Pirates Captain X Drake and Jack.

‘SMILE’ thought Jack had hybrid forms similar to CP-0 Cipher Pol Agent Rob Lucci or Straw Hat Pirates Doctor Tony Tony Chopper.

‘GEAR 4th’ believed Jack had claws.

Meanwhile, others were noting on Wano Country Ninja Raizo. ‘~that guy~’ said Raizo is set to be a major character for the current arc.

One the other hand, ‘GEAR 4th’ expected that “One Piece” chapter 808 would give more details about the whereabouts of Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji.

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Photo source: TSoutherland via Flickr user Muhammed Ahmed Khan|“One Piece”

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