‘One Piece’ Chapter 809 Spoiler Predictions: Ceasar’s ‘Poison Gas Weapon’ Identified As Older Shinokuni Version?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Recent predictions about “One Piece” chapter 809 have said the Beast Pirates could have possibly used Ceasar’s older version of Shinokuni as their “poison gas weapon.”

It was a surprise to many readers of the manga after knowing that the Beast Pirates used Donquixote Pirates Scientist Ceasar Clown’s “poison gas weapon” to defeat the powerful Warrior Beast Tribe in “One Piece” chapter 808: “Duke Inuarashi.”

This created a lot of hype and speculations, especially about its form and type.

‘poutanko’ at Oro Jackson said the weapon could be Ceasar’s older version of Shinokuni, which was attempted to be sold to brokers and to two peaceful countries.

On another note, ‘Kodomokun’ wondered how the Mink Tribe cleared the air from the poison gas. It was also noted that when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on the elephant Zou Island, it looked like the level of the poison gas’ concentration lowered or disappeared as they seemed to unaffected.

Hence, it was thought that perhaps “One Piece” chapter 809 might reveal Donquixote Pirates Scientist Ceasar Clown secretly helping the Mink Tribe to withstand the poison gas, which allegedly explained the Mink Tribe’s heartfelt gratitude to the Straw Hats.

Meanwhile, ‘ZoroSenpai’ believed Cook “Black Leg” Sanji saw what happened to the Mink Tribe when the Beast Pirates used Cesar’s “poison gas weapon.”

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After witnessing the damage, Sanji might have asked Ceasar to whom he had sold 2/3 of his gas weapons. Ceasar later revealed that he sold one to Captain Jack the Drought while the other to the Big Mom Pirates.

Upon learning the transaction, this could be the reason for Sanji’s departure and note to the Straw Hats. It was also said that perhaps Sanji went on a solo mission to retrieve the other “poison gas weapon” from the Big Mom Pirates, eventually leading to the Straw Hats’ battle against the Big Mom Pirates.

However, ‘tango’ believed Sanji might be looking for Wano Country Ninja Raizo together with Ceasar in “One Piece” chapter 809.

On the other hand, ‘kikodg78’ believed Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji was with Donquixote Pirates Scientist Ceasar Clown somewhere in the elephant Zou Island and were hiding from Heart Pirates Captain Trafalgar D. Water Law (Trafalgar Law) and from the Mink Tribe.

Then, Sanji’s note could have possibly contained their location, with a letter to meet up with his Nakamas.

Though all these seem to be possible, readers are reminded to take “One Piece” chapter 809 spoiler predictions with a grain of salt.

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