‘One Piece’ Chapter 809 Spoilers: Sanji Shows Up? Duke Inuarashi’s Powers Revealed; Jack Stopped With One Hand

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 809 Spoilers: Sanji Shows Up? Duke Inuarashi’s Powers Revealed; Jack Stopped With One Hand
Straw Hats and Big Mom to form an alliance in “One Piece” chapter 812.

“One Piece” chapter 809 spoilers have revealed the true power of Duke Inuarashi and his relationship with the other ruler, Master Cat-Viper. But would the next chapter show Sanji?

SPOILER ALERT: Readers are advised to skip this article if they don’t want to know something in advance about the upcoming chapter. Otherwise, read on for more details.

Fans who have been waiting for the appearance of Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji might need to wait a little bit longer as the spoilers seemed to imply that Eiichiro Oda is still not showing Sanji in the next chapter.

Although this might be disappointing, but spoilers are just a portion of the upcoming “One Piece” chapter 809 and who knows that details about Sanji’s departure could be revealed after all; so, take this with a grain of salt.

Now, for those who are curious about the true powers of Mokomo Dukedom King Duke Inuarashi (King of Day), spoiler images at Manga Helpers revealed he is not someone to be taken lightly.

Why? It was shown that Inuarashi could stop the trunk attack of Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought Damage with just his bare hands, even with only one hand.

However, Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought Damage is also someone who should not be underestimated.

In the upcoming “One Piece” chapter 809, spoilers at Manga Spoilers revealed that the fight between Jack and Dukedom King Duke Inuarashi (King of Day) would be interrupted when the other king Master Cat-Viper comes out.

Inuarashi called his men to retreat in which Cat-Viper showed up.

Cat-Viper’s power was also extreme. He just grabbed Jack by the trunk and threw Jack like a piece of cloth.

Indeed, the Mink Tribe is a force to reckon when the Greatest War occurs.

It was also revealed that Inuarashi and Cat-Viper were once best friends. However because of some individual differences, they became enemies to the point that they want to kill each other.

To stop from seeing each other, the two rulers mutually decided that one should be awake at 6 AM-6PM and other at 6 PM-6 AM.

In terms of their powers, Master Cat-Viper and Dukedom King Duke Inuarashi (King of Day) were known to be equals.

The spoilers did not reveal additional details about the fight between Master Cat-Viper and Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought.

But it seemed it was around this time the Beast Pirates used Donquixote Pirates Scientist Ceasar Clown’s “poison gas weapon.”

And speaking of the “poison gas weapon,” here’s to hoping “One Piece” chapter 809 would give more details.

Photo source: TSoutherland via Flickr user Muhammed Ahmed Khan|“One Piece”

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