‘One Piece’ Chapter 810 Spoiler Predictions: Jack Could Be A Samurai Or Is He Morgan?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Recent predictions about “One Piece” chapter 810 have noted that Jack’s real identity could be a Samurai. Is he?

In the previous chapters, only a silhouette could be seen about the real form of Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought and until now readers are in a limbo as to who really is this badass character who had a whopping bounty of 1 billion Berries for his mammoth head.

Readers were divided and one side said that Jack the Drought could be Renegade Marine Morgan (Axe-Hand Morgan) while the opposite side believed that he could be a Samurai from Wano Country.

On the first side, ‘Spenzi’ at Manga Helpers believed that “One Piece” chapter 810 might reveal Jack the Drought’s real identity as Morgan, who was said to be destructive too.

It was thought that Morgan could have possibly eaten his own fruit, which was a zoan-type fruit mammoth, and became Jack the Drought – the subordinate of Beast Pirates Captain Kaido of the Beasts.

‘ladylola’ said it could be possible since Jack the Drought had the same jaw armor thing that Morgan wore. Besides being destructive, Jack the Drought was also unreasonable, again, like Morgan.

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On top of that, both had those crazy eyes, weapons attached to their arms, and blonde hair.

So, could it be that Jack the Drought was Renegade Marine Morgan (Axe-Hand Morgan)? It would only be revealed once “One Piece” chapter 810 is out.

On the other school of thought, some believed that Jack the Drought was a Samurai.

‘Shasha23’ observed that Jack was holding something like a sword. This made ‘Hannibal Psyche’ believe that perhaps he was a Samurai and shifted to his human form after being provoked at the statement of Mokomo Dukedom King Master Nekomamushi (King of Night) in “One Piece” chapter 809: “Master Nekomamushi.”

It was noted that Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought’s hairstyle was reminiscent to the Samurais from Wano Country. Hence, he might be a reference to the cartoon series “Samurai Jack.”

Although these speculations about Jack’s identity in “One Piece” chapter 810 are possible, readers should still take them with a grain of salt.

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