‘One Piece’ Chapter 810 Spoiler Predictions: Minks Hold Key For Discovery Of Last Ancient Weapon?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Predictions about “One Piece” chapter 810 have recently said the Mink Men and the elephant Zou Island seemed to hold the key for the last ancient weapon.

There were said to be three ancient weapons that are capable of creating mass destruction: Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

And to access or acquire the last ancient weapon, it was said the Mink Men living on the elephant Zou Island would play a big part for its discovery.

‘ProGoddess’ at Manga Helpers noted on a statement by Mokomo Dukedom Ruler Duke Inarashi (Ruler of Day) in “One Piece” chapter 809: “Master Nekomamushi.” In that, he said, “Out country is far too rich in history.”

Hence, it was expected that more details about the Mink Men’s “far too rich in history” should be revealed in “One Piece” chapter 810 or beyond.

Meanwhile, ‘Stiltzkin’ speculated that perhaps there were four elephants in the world of “One Piece,” akin to a Hindu cosmology on four elephants supporting the world at their backs.

And one of them could be Zunisha, which was allegedly trying to meet up with the rest of the three elephants. It was also said the three elephants might just be around the Florian Triangle (Zone of Demonic Triangle).

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According to ‘hokageji,’ the Red Line (Content of Red Earth) could be the reason why elephant Zunisha could not meet with the remaining three elephants.

It was also thought perhaps the elephants are the keys for the All Blue. Additionally, other readers also said stories beyond “One Piece” chapter 810 might reveal an alliance between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Mink Men.

The alliance would then try to find One Piece and destroy the Red Line in order for Zunisha to pass through.

Noting on the prediction about four elephants, it was believed to be likely since Zunisha kept on moving and wandering by itself, which is quite the opposite of elephants’ nature of being close to each other.

This might explain why Zunisha was always moving, perhaps trying to find its companions.

These do sound possible. However, readers should take predictions about “One Piece” chapter 810 with a grain of salt.

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