‘One Piece’ Chapter 810 Spoiler Predictions: Raizo Hiding In Zou, Holds Power To Kill Kaido?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 810 Spoiler Predictions: Raizo Hiding In Zou, Holds Power To Kill Kaido?
Straw Hats and Big Mom to form an alliance in “One Piece” chapter 812.

Recent predictions about “One Piece” chapter 810 have said Raizo is just somewhere in the Zou Island hiding. Do Kinemon and Kanjuro know where he is?

One of the reasons Beast Pirates Captain Jack the Drought attacked the country of the Mink Men was he was looking for a certain Wano Country Ninja named Raizo.

No one knows why Jack was searching for Raizo though. But whatever it was, it seemed Jack would do anything to get him, even if it meant to destroy towns and kill innocent people.

However, the Mink Men claimed Raizo was not there and, if they would ever see him, they’ll kill him.

‘ProGoddess’ at Manga Helpers wondered on Raizo’s current location and have said perhaps “One Piece” chapter 810 might give a flashback of his arrival in the elephant Zou Island, but then was not found out by the Mink Men.

It was also thought that maybe he came but left. Another was perhaps he used his hiding skills that no one knew he was there all along.

And noting the speculation that Raizo could be using his skills to hide somewhere, it could be possible since he is a Ninja.

Further, it was said Wano Country Samurai “Evening Shower” Kanjuro and Foxfire Kin’emon definitely know some things about Raizo.

And if he is indeed hiding in “One Piece” chapter 810, Kanjuro and Kin’emon know where to find him. However, Eiichiro Oda seemed to be holding this information by dropping the two off from the elephant’s leg in the previous “One Piece” chapter 804: “An Adventure On the Back of an Elephant.”

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‘Hannibal Psyche’ cited previous statements from Kanjuro and Kin’emon who said Raizo would definitely be there on Zou Island.

It was also believed that perhaps the two made a diversion to buy their comrade some time, perhaps to evade the men of Beast Pirates Captain Kaido of the Beasts.

Speaking about Kaido, there were some speculations that said Wano Country Ninja Raizo might have the power to defeat him.

However, all speculations about “One Piece” chapter 810 should be taken with a grain of salt.

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