‘One Piece’ To End on 2020? Greatest War Involving Kaido As Last Chapter, Eclipsing Marineford Arc?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ To End on 2020? Greatest War Involving Kaido As Last Chapter, Eclipsing Marineford Arc?
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“One Piece” creator Oda recently hinted on how the Greatest War would transpire in which Kaido is set to be involved. Will it really eclipse the Marineford Arc? Does it have a release date already? Read on for more details.

In the previous “One Piece” Chapter 795 “Suicide,” it mentioned that a Greatest War is set to happen in the world of “One Piece,” which would definitely involve Yonko Captain Kaido of the Beast.

“One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda recently spilled the manga’s final chapter,which he said that it’s going to be amazing. He went on to say that this final chapter would feature a war much greater than the Marineford Arc, completely eclipsing it.

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This war, greater than the Marineford Arc, could possibly mean the Greatest War mentioned in “One Piece” Chapter 795.

“I imagine a final chapter that will make the Marineford arc look like nothing,” Oda said in an interview with One Piece Eternal Log via Design & Trend report.

Oda was pretty excited about the last chapter, implying that what he is about to tell will definitely drive readers crazy. He encouraged fans to stick around until the “One Piece” Greatest War Chapter comes out.

The question is: When is its released date?

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“One Piece” Greatest War Chapter Release Date on 2020-2023?

Although many things could still happen in the “One Piece” world, but one of the manga’s editor, Suguru Sugita, revealed that Oda already told him its ending. The editor said the first part of the manga, which was before the time-skip happened, was already around 50%.

“That was about 60 volumes, so maybe we’re at 70%? I don’t think it’s at 80% yet,” Sugita said at the late-night episode show “Gold Rush” on July 17 via The One Piece Podcast report.

This could also mean “One Piece” is around 70-79 percent done and 21-30 percent is yet to be finished.

Furthermore, it could be noted “One Piece” was first released in Japan on December 24, 1997 and this year would mark Oda’s 18year work. So if 70-79 percent mean 18 years of work, 21-30 percent, therefore, point to an approximate five to eight years of work and the manga will be complete.

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And five to eight years from now is year 2020-2023. So, does this mean fans would get to see the “One Piece” Greatest War Chapter within 2020-2023? No one knows except Oda and the manga editors.

“One Piece” Wikia also noted that Eiichiro Oda had no idea how long “One Piece” is going to be. Regardless, what’s going to happen in the manga is surely exciting.

And as far as speculations on the “One Piece” Greatest War Chapter are concerned, readers should take them with a grain of salt.

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Photo source: Ju gatsu mikka via Wikimedia Commons/“One Piece”

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