One Piece Film Gold To Surpass US$64.64M Record Of One Piece Film Z? Watch Official Trailer

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
One Piece Film Gold To Surpass US$64.64M Record Of One Piece Film Z? Watch Official Trailer
One Piece Film Gold Create Box-office Record?

One Piece Film Gold is smashing all box office records in Japan. Just a few weeks from the release, the movie managed to earn around US$48.8 million. It recorded an all-time high of watching the film, scoring a record of 3,757,181 times of watching since its release in 48 days in Japan.

The current figures prove that One Piece Film Gold crossed the previous film, One Piece: Strong World box office collections. The latter film earned more than 4.8 billion yet previously. These figures also indicate that the current film of the franchise is the second highest earner. However, it still has one more record to surpass.

The One Piece Film Z recorded a box office collection of US $64.64 million and the current release from the franchise is far behind, reports The Bitbag. However, given the time, one can hope the movie to surpass One Piece: Film Z.

A Billionaire Franchise

Ever since the One Piece franchise started, it has managed to earn over US$292 million in its 13 films. Film experts from Japan are hopeful that One Piece Film Gold will surely cross the 6 billion yen record. Here is good news for the fans apart from the success of their favorite franchise movie! Sources report that participating theaters will give out A5 illustration card illustrated by creator Eiichiro Oda.

Moreover, the cards will carry autographs of all the 15 cast members of the One Piece Film Gold including Hikari Mitsushima, Gaku Hamada, Nanao, Kinya Kita, Comedian Kendo Kobayashi, Arata Furuta, Korokke and Nadaru.

The franchise is trying everything to make the movie a huge success. The production house is planning better promotional campaigns to ensure that One Piece Film Gold breaks all the current box office records and continues its run.

But even then, will it be possible for One Piece Film Gold to break the record of One Piece: Film Z of US$64.64 million?

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Photo Source: Facebook/One Piece Film Gold

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