Online TV Viewing Gaining Audience [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Online TV Viewing Gaining Audience [WATCH VIDEO]
A display of old televisions, VCRs and radios in Amberley Working Museum, England.

The way viewers watch television today is changing, and the internet is fast becoming the most reliable source from which people watch their favorite shows, according to a recent report. Read on to know more.

As published in Wired, Adobe has recently done a study on the status of how online television is shaping up against conventional TV viewing. In it, the researchers have found out that subscriptions for online streaming services continue to surge to as much as 388 percent from 2013 to the middle of 2014.

The increase can be attributed to many factors, including the fact that there are now more devices, sites and apps being developed to access the sources.  These devices and apps can be hooked up to the internet and on to big television screens, making the viewing experience more pleasurable. The study said that sports viewing is primary to this type of service, but there is also a noticeable increase with people watching movies from internet streaming sites.

When it comes to television shows, on the other hand, the biggest pull with online viewing is that viewers are now able to watch their favorite programs following their own schedules while using different hardware or devices, anytime and anywhere. The study indicated that at least 51 percent of online viewers access their shows using an iOS app on smartphones and phablets. The study also showed that there was at least an 81 percent surge with viewers watching TV from online sources.

Online viewing also offers no commercial breaks unlike traditional television. Viewers can go back to old episodes that have already aired, or binge-watch a series to catch up. Content wise, these streaming sites are not lacking in what to offer its subscribers. In fact, production companies are already aware of the growing trend, as many shows are finding their way on online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and a lot more.  Some shows are, in fact, being developed strictly for these services.

With this, it’s highly likely that in the near future, the internet will be main, if not the only, source for watching television.

Watch the summary of the report from Adobe in the video below.

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