Opening Of The Avengers May Break Records

By admin | 7 years ago

The summer cinema season is starting to gear up and this weekend expects to be a record breaker. Marvel Studios will launch its latest action hero flick on Friday. The Avengers will be released in movie theatres everywhere in the U.S. and Canada and brings together four of Marvels’ super heroes under one roof that is sure to draw millions and millions of movie goers. Last weekend the movie debuted in 39 countries overseas and sold more than $181 million in box office receipts.

Analysts even believe the movie will gross over $1 billion before it ends it run. Yes, $1 billion. Only 11 prior movies have reached that all time figure and The Avengers, if last week’s box office receipts are any indication, has a good chance of being number 12. However, this weekend is just the start and the movie will be seen on over 4,340 screens, making its opening, the seventh largest of all time. Some of those theatres will be charging for 3D and others will be IMAX.

Before The Avengers, came the Incredible Hulk whose debut was $55.4 million back in 2008. Then Iron Man 2 was at $128 million. Those two numbers should be easily overtaken by The Avengers this weekend. The movie may even surpass the last Harry Potter instalment that grossed $169 million in its opening weekend.

Since it opened overseas and had an opening weekend of $181 million, the movies has raked in another $100 million during the week in those same overseas’ markets. Predictions are that the opening will not overtake the last Harry Potter instalment at $169 million, but will overtake The Dark Knight for second place at $158.4 million.

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