Oprah apologizes for Problem in Switzerland

By admin | 4 years ago

At the premiere of her new film The Butler in Los Angeles, Oprah Winfrey apologized for causing a media frenzy that took place after she had said she experienced racism while on a trip to Switzerland.

Winfrey said that the incident that took place in Switzerland was just one in that country and was sorry it had been blown out of proportion. She said she did not mention the store’s name where the incident occurred, and she apologized for saying it had taken place in Switzerland.

She said she just wanted to reference it as being an example of being in one place where people believe you might not belong.

Recently in an interview from Entertainment Tonight, Winfrey said a clerk at one of Zurich’s upscale boutiques had refused to show a handbag to her. Winfrey said she had been told she would not be able to afford to pay for a purse that cost $38,000.

She said she had been in the boutique and the employer obviously was not aware she carried a black card and therefore made an assessment of her because of the way she looked.

Winfrey earned over $77 million during the 12 months ending June of this year per a report in Forbes magazine.

She said she had gone to the store not wearing anything expensive, no big jewelry, but that should not have anything to do with how you are treated.

Tourism officials in Switzerland said the owner of the boutique had apologized to Winfrey last week, but Winfrey has insisted there is no need for that.

Winfrey said the incident was not an indictment against the store or the country, it was just an individual not wanting to let her she a handbag.

She said that if something like that happens in the U.S., an apology is not issued to the entire country.

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