Oprah Winfrey Names Her Deceased Baby Son ‘Canaan’

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Oprah Winfrey Names Her Deceased Baby Son ‘Canaan’
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was barely 14 when she lost her baby forever. It was a premature child for her. She has now shared that she has selected a name for her deceased son.

Oprah Winfrey was addressing about twelve thousand fans at the Rod Laver arena in Melbourne. This sixty-one-year-old celebrity was completely candid she spoke about her disturbing childhood.

This billionaire TV hostess was raped by one of her cousins when she was just nine-year-old. Thereafter 2 of her family members had molested her. She got pregnant all of a sudden when she was in her teenage.

New.com.au reported that this celebrity talk show hostess revealed to her audience that she had a son. She named him ‘Canaan’ as the word Canaan signifies new life, new land.

Winfrey also gave an explanation on why she selected a name for her son though he passed away about four decades ago.

Winfrey said a reporter had interviewed her just before she came down to Australia and it was the latter who suggested that she should name her baby son who had expired. She loved the reporter’s suggestion and thus she chose a name for her dead son.

She also shared with the crowd that the terrible experiences that she went through during her growing up years gave her a strong determination to excel in the career that she chose.

While addressing her fans, the billionaire TV host also urged upon them to seek their real self and respect it.

Winfrey added that just as she has a calling, her fans too have it. The TV host sparked on the stage in her peach dress. She discussed about her humble origins when she grew up in Mississippi. She lived with her granny till she was seven years old. Her grandmother did not have a washing machine or electricity in her home.

Oprah Winfrey said that her role in life was to be a help to people so that they can find out their purpose in life. Forbes has estimated her worth to be about 3.2 billion USD. She further added that her granny would not have imagined the extent of her success if she lived today.

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Picture Source: Facebook/Oprah Winfrey


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