Ora Jordon Strips Off For 2016 Calender Photo Shoot

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago

The “Strictly Come Dancing” star Ola Jordon bares it all for a 2016 calendar photo shoot. Well, she has been frequently observed in meager attire during her session in the famous show “Strictly Come Dancing” but this time, she makes jaws drop by baring it all in a sensual way. Her eyebrow-raising photo shoot has sparked the thrill in many a way. Firstly, she takes her sensual quotient a step further as she poses wearing different expressions before the camera. We doubt whether she wanted to fetch the attraction of fans or the BBC bosses.

You may wonder why we fetch BBC in this steaming photo session. To refresh your memory, we must say that recently a controversy lands regarding BBC executives who urged their “Strictly Come Dancing” stars to tone down their provocative spin-off projects, as they opt for bringing back the wholesome family image for the show and prevented this sort of appearances that may damage their reputation.

But interestingly, the snaps appeared following the summon from BBC, Ola had smoked excitement even in the discussed show where she has been performing for the last teny ears. A source close to Jordon stated that this year, she may appear in the show for the last time. Well, who can forget the scene where Jordon crashed out of the competition with her partner Iwan Thomas, a former Olympic athlete, in the first elimination?

The launch show of “Strictly Come Dancing” has made Jordon bewildered as she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction, but this time she did not hesitate to strip off for the photo shoot and appeared utterly confident in naked poses. She flaunted her body in various seductive ways. One of the shots shows the 33-year-old totally nude in a swimming pool, while hiding herself by facing her back to the camera. Showing off every inch of side boob going, the star looks at the camera down with soaking wet scraped back hair and minimal make-up. Another portrays her in a semi-sheer swimsuit which offers an uncovering look at her ample cleavage.

Well, another reason that brings the photo shoot into news includes Jordon’s husband, James who defends her wife’s sexy venture, as she was being criticized by Craig Revel-Horwood for the nudity. James slams Revel-Horwood boldly as the latter tried to damage Jordon’s image.

Photo Source: Wiki Media/ Ola Jordon

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