‘Orange Is the New Black’: Most Surprising Season 3 Relationships

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Orange Is the New Black’: Most Surprising Season 3 Relationships

Season 3 of “Orange Is the New Black” was packed with some unexpected relationships that gave us the drama which was missing in the earlier two seasons. The inmates of Litchfield gave us a laugh at a respectable level and so, here’s our shout at few of the most unexpected pairings that happened in this season 3.

Crazy Eyes and Taystee:

Uzo Aduba plays the character of Crazy Eyes perfectly and she has always been in the same circle with Suzanne but it was the season 3 where these two inmates captured this unexpected bond. They both were emotionally drained by the loss of Vee and it seems that both of them has formed a solid friendship. It was Taystee who encouraged Crazy Eyes to write “The Time Hump Chronicles,” a story about two people connecting with four other people and aliens.

Red and Healy:

From the start of “Orange Is the New Black” we have found Red to be well-intended and focused. The counsellor of Litchfield, Mr. Healy on the other hand has been found judgmental but in season 3, these two found themselves in a vulnerable place and we might that cupid might have played a card here. Healy helped Red in getting her kitchen back and Red on the other hand has been…well, brought smile on Healy’s face many a times.

Pennsatucky and Big Boo:

In the very beginning of “Orange Is the New Black,” Pennsatucky was Healy’s biggest ally to get rid of lesbian activities from the prison and Big Boo was the proudest lesbian. So, chances of their friendship were none but in season 3, we have noticed that Big Boo is very caring when it comes to Pennsatucky. One cannot forget the look on Big Boo’s face when she finds out that Pennsatucky has been sexually harassed by the new guard.

Caputo and Figueroa:

There is no denying that Caputo and Figueroa hates each other but there is a sexual attraction between both of them. Caputo and Fig’s Tuesday’s fling was totally unexpected. It didn’t make any sense.

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