‘Orange Is The New Black’ Entry of Ruby Rose in Season 3

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
‘Orange Is The New Black’ Entry of Ruby Rose in Season 3

Orange is the New Black” relies on buzzy guest stars that come and give spark our Litchfield. In the previous episode, Lorraine Toussaint came and played the character of Vee so efficiently that it not only terrorized the inmates but also the viewers who sat in front of their Netflix. In Season three we have got Ruby Rose, who has a lesser role but she is talking all the attention she deserves. Read on for more details.

Ruby Rose, who is playing the role of Stella, is the newest inmate in “Orange is the New Black.” Earlier today, Daily Mail reported that Rose had meltdown on Twitter after posting her steamy naked shower scene from “Orange is the New Black.” Rose’s character is a mysterious Aussie criminal who hooks up with our beloved Piper.

The top Australian model, who is frequently mistaken for Justin Bieber, is currently trending on Twitter with a misleading headline, ‘Rose appears briefly nude in the prison bathroom’ but in season three of “Orange is the New Black” her character has come out very strong.

After her appearance in “Orange is the New Black,” Rose made life of Piper very difficult. We all know that many fans does not like Piper, who is played by Taylor Schilling. She started as the main protagonist of the series. But, in later episodes she has become the least interesting character or to be precise, she has just become yet another inmate.

Her character quickly endorsed the viewers when she called Piper’s thought ridiculous. Piper and Stella met in ‘‘Whisper’’ factory where the inmates are sewing lingerie and Piper blabbers how lingerie has given her the self-confidence. Stella let out a burst after listening to Piper and with annoyance she says, “You should hear yourself, It’s like, Help! I’m skinny hot girl, but I need a little something extra to make me feel sexy.”

“If you knew me, you would definitely know I am not the hot girl,” Piper shot back.

This is just the start of the many conversations which finally leads Stella to maximum security. Now whether Rose will come back for season 4 “Orange is the New Black” but we are sure if she comes back then she will try very hard to let Piper down who framed her for having illegal items like cigarette, screwdriver and other things.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Orange Is The New Black

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