Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Recap: Episodes 10-12

By April Lara | 3 years ago

“Orange Is the New Black” fans, we know you have been waiting for this. Now, we have the full recap of Season 2’s Episodes 10-12 that leads to the season finale. However, before we proceed to that, read on for the full recaps.

Episode 10: “Little Mustachioed Shit” 

From her grandmother’s funeral, Piper was now back and on a full revenge mode. In this episode, it’s all about revenge. However, revenge was not in Piper’s mind during the start of this episode, even after she learned about her ex-fiancé’s affair.

To complicate things even more, Piper received a card from Alex, but she didn’t read it, but did not immediately toss it in the bin either. Nicky encouraged Piper to read it, but she wouldn’t budge.

In this episode, we also saw flashbacks of the lives of Piper and Alex when they were still together. Those flashbacks gave us an idea that Piper was really the kind of person who let things slide after seeing her reunite with Alex over and over again.

Piper called Larry up to ask him the name of the woman he slept with, but before Larry could tell her, the truth came to Piper. Polly came to Litchfield, and in their conversation, Piper found out that it was Polly all along.

In other news, Vee still wanted to dominate the prison, and it was getting out of control.  Rosa had been harassed in the cafeteria, while Crazy Eyes beat up Poussey in the bathroom and even threatened Red into sharing the riches of her secret garden.

Healy’s depression and anger issues were getting worse. At the end of this episode, the mustachioed guard was framed as the father of Daya’s baby and was arrested for sexual assault. And his final words when he was brought up by the police in front of the whole prison? His love for Daya and some words of wisdom too.

Episode 11: “Take a Break From Your Values”

Things were changing inside Litchfield with Vee’s feud with Poussey had been taken to a new level after the whole shower attack, and Red was on her hunt for the person who revealed to Vee about the garden. It turned out that the culprit was Boo, and she got shunned.

Sister Ingalls was also beyond annoyed when the hunger strike group tried to act with misguided goals. She told them to make bigger goals, which was the fair treatment of aging prisoners. We got flashbacks about Sister Ingalls’ life, and we found out that she was really passionate for activism. In fact, she got involved in some movements, but this passion dwindled and got replaced with her love for self-promotion. She even wrote a biography titled “Nun Shall Pass.”

Back in present day, Caputo excommunicated Ingalls, and she got hauled to medical for force-feeding.

Meanwhile, Piper got a transfer out of Litchfield and was going to Virginia, under Figueroa’s orders. Of course, Piper freaked out. The episode ended with someone being stabbed who appeared to be Vee at first but wasn’t, but she saw the whole thing, and she realized that the knife that ended that woman’s life was really meant for her.

Episode 12: “It Was the Change”

In this episode, we dug deeper into Vee’s history. The episode started with Red and her friends who were all on full alert after the assassination attempt on Vee. They decided to make a new plan for damage control. However, Poussey wasn’t thinking the same and was the least concerned about what happened and destroyed Vee’s tobacco supply.

In a flashback, we saw that Vee orchestrated RJ’s shooting death. Red cornered Vee and choked her to the point of death, but there’s still some humanity left in Red, and she let her go. However, Vee snuck behind Red in the garden and bashed Red’s face in. Meanwhile, Caputo caught Chapman stealing files out of Fig’s office.

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