Orange is The New Black Season 3 Recap: Bed Bugs & Beyond

By April Lara | 3 years ago

They say “don’t let the bed bugs bite” but it looks like the ladies of Litchfield prison has let these pesky bugs take over. Read below for the full recap of “Orange is the New Black” Season 3, Episode 2 “Bed Bugs & Beyond.”

Bed bugs have infested in prison and Flaca, Daya and Maritza were on a mission to find who the culprit is. Half of the inmates were in blue disposable outfits while the other half were in their underwear. Poussey found solace in garlic and made a necklace to fend off the bugs while Cindy had a more “innovative” approach – she sprayed her whole body with Lysol.

Red bunks with Piper and Piper was so happy that she’s back but apparently, Red wasn’t and called her off for lying about her market’s booming business. Piper tried to deny by lying but Red saw through her.

Alex had a breakdown and had a run in with Maxwell but Piper offered to save her and get the punishment instead. And then she finally told Alex the truth about why she ended back in jail again.

After Delia Mendez learned about Daya receiving a letter from Aleida, she arranged to meet her to find out how much money she could get from her. Obviously, Delia still thinks that Bennett if the father of the child and she wants to adopt the baby but this didn’t impress Aleida until Delia said that she’s willing to pay her and Daya monthly.

Bennett and Daya confronted Aledia in the kitchen about Delia and she told them that Delia does wants to adopt the baby. Daya and Bennett were horrified at the idea but Aledia said that their baby could have a better future with Delia and also, Cesar would only mess the child up. Still determined to keep their baby, Bennett proposed to Daya with a ring made out of gum wrapper and then he visited Cesar to tell him about the engagement. However, he saw how Cesar handles kids and that made him doubt about keeping the baby.

Big Boo and Nicky were still having trouble with the stash of heroin. Nicky saw an opportunity with Luschek when she found weed on him and then she asked him if he could help them move the stash. He agreed but when they get to where they were hiding the stash, it’s no longer there.

Piper and Alex made up in the end and had sex at the library while Red wants to start with the process of divorcing her husband.

And to solve the bed bugs infestation, they set their beds on fire while the books in the library also got cleared.

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