Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Recap: Finger in the Dyke

By April Lara | 3 years ago

With Nicky taken away to maximum security for the heroin stash in the previous episode of “Orange Is The New Black” Season 3, in espied 4 “Finger in the Dyke” the ladies of Litchfield caught themselves having a hard time due to Nicky’s absence especially Piper, Red and Lorna. Aside from that, we also get to learn more about Big Boo. Read below for the full recap.

Crazy Eyes have been having dreams about Vee. We learned that she still can’t accept that she’s gone. Poussey couldn’t take more of Crazy Eyes’ issue that she told her again that Vee’s dead and Crazy Eyes didn’t take it well. Later on, Taste shared a moment with Crazy Eyes when they both talked about Vee, cried and hugged each other over Vee’s passing.

In other news, Joe Caputo is busy touring the company representatives interested to acquire Litchfield. However, at first these representatives showed doubt because they think that maintaining a women’s prison is more costly. The good news is, in the end, they acquired Litchfield, but there seems to be a catch.

Big Boo found out that Pennsatucky got money from a religious organization. They devised a plan for Big Boo to get money from them as well. Sophia and Lorna gave Big Boo a makeover and when she saw herself dolled up it brought memories from her past. We learned that her parents weren’t accepting of her being a lesbian especially her mother. When she visited her mom at the hospital who was dying, her dad stopped her and told her to change her clothes so she would look like a girl. Instead, she didn’t change. She later on shared with Pennsatucky that she regretted that time because she wasn’t able to say goodbye to her mom. After that flashback, she met up with the Reverend but things didn’t go well. When the Reverend started saying nasty things about lesbians and Boo yelled at him.

It’s Piper’s birthday and she got a visit from her parents. This did not go well too because her parents said that she’s getting older in the prison without getting anything done in her life. Piper defended her life in prison and said that she’s part of a community and she has a girlfriend and after that she asked Alex to be her girlfriend.

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