‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 3 Sex Scene Drew Blood, Says Taylor Schilling

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 3 Sex Scene Drew Blood, Says Taylor Schilling

“Orange is The New Black” has never shied away from showing sex scenes and some of the scenes are presented very beautifully, but one scene from the season 3 got so intense that Taylor Schilling, the actor who portrays the role of Piper had a gash on her face after the scene was done.

On a chat show with Seth Meyers, Piper recalls the incident as: “I got very excited, I took my shirt off, and I scratched myself with my little prison name tag. I had, like, a gash on my face. We had to take an hour-long pause because there was blood.”

Schilling did not shed light on which episode this accident happened but we are pretty sure that it might be the episode two of season 3, in which Piper and Alex fight and later make up by having wild-hot sex. If one look very closely, you can find that there is actually a cut on Piper’s face after that incident, so maybe the production actually used the injury to make Alex’s slap feel more real.

To the audience in the Academy of Television Arts and Science, Taylor Schilling said that she is still getting used to shoot for sex scenes in front of others. Taylor said: “I have needed some hand-holding but what it always comes back to – and why I think those conversations are so valuable — is that we get to the truth of the scene and there’s never anything gratuitous on this show.”

With starting her own business in prison, and throwing her new girlfriend to the maximum security, Taylor Schilling’s character has grown a lot in this season. What would happen to her new business is still a mystery and what has happened to Alex is still unanswered, for that we have to wait for another season.

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Image Source: Facebook/Orange is the New Black

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