‘Orange is the New Black’: What Is Happening With The Litchfield Inmates?

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
‘Orange is the New Black’: What Is Happening With The Litchfield Inmates?

It seems like Christmas is six hours early for the “Orange is The New Black” fans. The Emmy Award-winning show is back with all the thirteen episodes at once on Netflix and this time, it’s more addictive than ever before.

Reed Hastings, Netflix boss gave a greenlit to “Orange is The New Black” six hours early then it’s scheduled broadcast time giving the fans to look after something this weekend. In an effort to give you a little flavour of this amazing show that deals with American women in prison, we give you a little peek into the season.

What exactly happened with Rosa?
At the end of season 2, Rosa, who had just few weeks to live, ran away from the prison. Well, it turns out that Rosa ran the prison truck into a quarry. In the words of Red (Kate Mulgrew) – “the women went out like a champ.”

Alex is back:
In the last episode of season 2, Piper (Taylor Schilling) told Alex’s probation officer that Alex is all set to skip town and now it turns out that Alex is back in jail and until the second episode of season 3, Piper does not come out clean and Alex is really mad with her but it turns out that she uses all her angry and fury in some wild steam sex. But later in the season, it turns out that Alex and Piper are only friends as the sexual tension between both of them is now gone.

Why Nicky is serving a long period in Jail:
“Orange is The New Black” follows the story of every inmate and shows us why that prisoner is serving her time. Until now, we had no clue why Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) was in prison. It turns out that this well-known heroin addict was so desperate for drugs that she sold a rare copy of “The Old Man and the Sea” and ends up in jail. This was a terrible idea all along but no one can question the desire of an addict! Nicky’s mom hires a good lawyer to reduce her daughter’s sentence but it turns out money only bought more problems to her.

New Counsellor in Town:
Counsellor Rogers (Marsha Stephanie Blake) is the new counsellor in town. She is friendly and well-educated and she talks with the inmates as they all her pals. In a drama class she started, she even let Alex and Piper declare their feelings. How great is she?

What exactly is running inside Suzanne’s head?
With Vee really gone from the picture, Aduba Suzanne is really hurt and her big moment comes when Taystee embraces her and all her feelings erupt. Now according to Danielle Brooks, the emotional response from Taystee was very shocking and it helped Suzanne to deal with the loss of Vee because Vee has given to Taystee more than anyone has ever given to her and she totally understands how Suzanne might be feeling.

So did you get a chance to catch Netflix this weekend? Tell us how you think about “Orange is the New Black” thus far.

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