‘Orange is the New Black’: Worst Moments From Season 3

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Orange is the New Black’: Worst Moments From Season 3

“Orange is the New Black” took an altogether different rout with season 3. There are so many seasonal stories that create a wonderful journey for the audience. But even the best show has some weaker moments and especially season 3 of “Orange is the New Black” really had few questionable moments. We bring you few of the worst moments from the season, or those moments which could have been better.

1. Saint Norma:

Our Tongue-tied, Norma, who sang a wonderful song in season 2 has a terrific backstory but when it comes to creating religious figures within the inmates of Litchfield, it’s always better to stay quiet and simple. But with the season 3, the plot of Norma being a witch goes to a very long stand and at the end it meets a dead end.

2. Bennett and the Baby:

In the first two episodes, Bennett and Diaz appeared to be in a much loved place and their story got a majority of focus but then by some reason, Bennett goes to visit Diaz’s family. Plus to show Bennett’s army background, it’s not like we didn’t like it but it’s difficult to deny the fact that the story that deals with the duo and their baby falls flat.

3. What happened to Nicky?

One of the most loved character in “Orange is the New Black” is Nicky played by Natasha Leone. It was a shocking moment to see Nicky going to the maximum security and along with the inmates, the fans of the show also mourned her loss. But we have no clue whether our manipulator Nicky will come back or not.

4. Turtle Love!

There is no denying the fact that Crazy-Eyes is one of the most entertaining character of “Orange is the Black” but at no point while watching the show have we ever wanted to see her relationship with a live animal.

5. Freedom Lake:

The entire third season of “Orange is the New Black” was about having faith and the finale of the episode showed a very poetic side of the inmates where they are cleansing themselves. But the problem with this scene where the inmates are enjoying their freedom is that we have no idea who is trying to kill Alex. We might in season 4, get the idea or the glimpse.

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