The Originals Recap: Season 1 Episode 20 A Closer Walk With Thee, Unrest in Peace [WATCH VIDEO]

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The Originals Recap: Season 1 Episode 20 A Closer Walk With Thee, Unrest in Peace [WATCH VIDEO]
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“The Originals” Season 1 has ended and it’s going to be awhile before Season 2 begins. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit the last few episodes of “The Originals” Season 1. Read on for MNG’s “The Originals” recap of Season 1 Episode 20 “A Closer Walk with Thee.”

“The Originals” Season 1 Episode 20 “A Closer Walk with Thee” Episode Recap:

“The Originals” Season 1 Episode 20 “A Closer Walk with Thee” (air date: April 29, 2014) began with the wake of Father Kieran, who has already passed away. Every supernatural alike including the wolves, the witches and vampires gathered to pay their respects to the deceased.

Hayley. A very pregnant Hayley attended the wake along with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah. She is the mother of Klaus’ biological child, their union had been disliked by the supernaturals. During the wake, she had confronted the issues regarding Oliver and Francesca. She had known that Oliver is persistent on starting a revolution while Francesca was thought of being the one who initiated the bombing. After some time, she had fallen ill and she was taken back to the compound. Everyone was desperate to keep her alive when they learned that they cannot hear any heartbeat.

Klaus. Klaus found out that he and Elijah had been having the same nightmares about their father. It was also revealed that Davina had also been seeing Mikael.

When Hayley became ill, Klaus was eager to sacrifice the baby for Hayley but Elijah refused. Hayley, on the other hand, had dreamed of talking to Mikael. He also told her about the possibilities that Klaus may take about the future of their baby. Hayley beat Mikael by driving a stake into him in the end. With the help of Genevieve, they learned that Monique was behind all of this.
Klaus and Hayley had an argument about her returning to the Quarter before she got sick. They had agreed with only one exception – that she would not be locked down. Klaus, then, showed her the baby’s future nursery and told her that they will supervise their child’s growth together.

Marcel. Aside from having Hayley’s baby, Klaus had a strong bond with his protégé, Marcel. They had several unresolved issues between them and Elijah urged Klaus to fix this with Marcel. Several flashbacks had shown that a mortal Marcel came back to free the slaves but was shot by his father. He gave Klaus a choice whether to turn him or let him die as a mortal.

The wake brought him and Cami together. They talked about the Kieran’s mystery key that he has been keeping. At first Cami refused to know about it and changed her mind. He shared that the key is a secret weapon that may only be used in grave situations. Together they went to the tomb of Cami’s father where Kieran might have left the key. Cami remembered about the code her brother taught her but refused to share the information with him.

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“The Originals” Season 20 “A Closer Walk with Thee” (air date: April 29, 2014) was directed by Sylvain White and written by Carina Adly MacKenzie and Julie Plec.

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