The Originals Season 2 Spoilers: Klaus Struggles To Protect Family From Dahlia

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
The Originals Season 2 Spoilers: Klaus Struggles To Protect Family From Dahlia
The Originals

The Originals” season 2 spoilers revealed that the forthcoming episode contains an intense scene as Dahlia continues to bring terror in New Orleans as she plans to abduct Baby Hope. Read on.

On the previous episode, the powerful evil witch Dahlia came to town as she looks to seize Baby Hope. According to “The Originals” season 2 spoilers from The Hollywood Reporterr,  with the Dahlia’s introduction to the show is Mikael Mikaelson’s traumatic death, who was slayed by his son Klaus. Though he long wanted to kill his adopted and abusive father, Klaus ultimate goal is actually to defeat his evil aunt Dahlia.

The website also reported that Dahlia, played by Claudia Black, will play a very important role in the series. It was mentioned that the next episodes will dig deeper with Freya and Dahlia’s relationship.

Black has become a household name for playing Officer Aeryn Sun in “Farscape.” She has also lent her voice to some of the video game characters, such as Morrigan from “Dragon Age.”

In the episode titled “When the Levee Breaks,” everyone in town works together to protect Baby Hope. They also need to get rid of Dahlia, one of the cities dangerous enemy.

On the promo video, it shows Klaus and Elijah bump their strategies as one in fighting Dahlia.

Marcel and Freya, meanwhile, will be the focus on other several characters. Meanwhile, Klaus may give everybody a big reason to worry as the hour end.

A sneak preview posted by Access Hollywood show Camille taking the efforts of relieving Klaus of his stress by conversing with him while he paints. Klaus, however, rejected to talk to Camille and instead went for a walk.

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There you have it on the latest episode of “The Originals” season 2. Do you think Klaus will be able to protect the others from Dahlia? Sound off in the comments below.

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