‘Orphan Black’ Renewed for Season 4

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Orphan Black’ Renewed for Season 4
Tatiana Maslany at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International in San Diego, California. July 20,2013. Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

The clone club is here to stay for another season. “Orphan Black” has been renewed for season 4!

The sci-fi show starring Tatiana Maslany is returning for their 4th year, BBC America announced. Currently, it is airing its third season and is only four episodes in but has been doing well in the ratings that guaranteed the show’s slot in 2016.

Yes, the fourth season will air some time next year, 2016.

“Orphan Black” Season 3 has expanded now that male clones are here to go up against the female clones that Maslany all portrays.

The official Twitter account of “Orphan Black” has also announced the good news:

“Thrilled to announce @BBCAmerica’s #OrphanBlack will return for a 4th season in 2016! RT if you’re in #Cloneclub.” Along with a photo.

“Orphan Black” Season 4 will come with 10 episodes and Season 3 will wrap up on June 20, 2015.

According to Sarah Barnett, BBC America president, “’Orphan Black’ is an entirely fresh and original show that stands out even in today’s crowded TV landscape.”

And that being said, the show and Maslany has already won awards such as two Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Actress, a TCA Award for Individual Achievement, and Golden Globe, SAG and People’s Choice nominations.

The show, indeed, has come a long way and it is definitely one of the best and unique TV shows we have so far. There’s no question why it has been renewed ahead of its Season 3 finale. As for me, I’m up for more clone wars! This is going to be really exciting.

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