Orphan Black Season 3 Finale Recap: History Yet To Be Written

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Orphan Black Season 3 Finale Recap: History Yet To Be Written
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The season finale of “Orphan Black” Season 3 has definitely changed the direction of the show, making fans more eager for the next season. Before we think about Season 4, let’s focus first on what went down on the Season 3 finale of the show. Read below for the full recap.

Kendall Malone is currently contained in a warehouse to keep her safe and at the same time, to get her DNA. However, Kendall doesn’t want to give them her tissue and blood sample so Scott explained why they have to do it. It was because she has two cell lines in her body and when the chromosomes separate you get Sarah and Rudy. Still, Kendall wouldn’t budge.

Meanwhile, Virginia met up with Castor director and Rudy. She then told Rudy to get rid of Alison because she seems to be the weakest among the clones. Delphine had Ferdinand over and he thinks Rachel is dead so Ferdinand says that he wants the Original but then Sarah showed up with a counter offer. She said she will give the Original’s tissue sample to him if he help him kill Virginia.

Cosima showed up at the warehouse to get samples from Kendall. She still refuses and Cosima sweet talked her into it and she finally gave in. Mrs. S showed Kendall a sulphuric acid bath for her in case they need to force her tissue and blood samples out of her.

Gracie and Mark have agreed to help Sarah and Felix. They got Virginia trapped, but Ferdinand only killed her driver. Helena, on the other hand, finally reunited with Jesse, but she had to leave because her sisters need her help. Alison is on the way to elections and Donnie noticed that Rudy is following Alison’s election bus. He told Sarah and they have a plan. Alison drove the bus to her house to lure Rudy. When Rudy got there, he was surprised to find Helena there and both fought to the death and Rudy died.

While Mrs. S and Sarah wait for Ferdinand at the warehouse, Mrs. S and Kendall had a conversation and she explained what’s going on and who Sarah is. Kendall said that Duncan came back after harvesting her tissues and he was scared for his life from the Neolution people. Duncan told him that there was a clone who escaped and he gave it to Kendall and Kendall gave Sarah to Mrs. S.

Delphine visited Rachel in the hospital only to find out that it’s actually Krystal. Dr. Nealon then explained to Delphine and showed her a footage of Rachel in her room. Delphine realised that Dr. Nealon works for Neolution and he then revealed that they have infiltrated the experiment since day one. He then offered Delphine a job, but she refuses so they tried to kill Delphine, but it’s a good thing that Delphine is armed that time.

Delphine told Sarah about Neolution and Sarah told Ferdinand. It made Ferdinand realise that his bodyguard was from Neolution so he killed him and that means that Ferdinand is officially on Sarah’s side and they are going to get Rachel back.

We found Rachel in a strange place and she has a new eye. And then Charlotte entered the room and then her mom walked through the doors.

After everything that happened, Delphine went to Shay’s apartment. She told her that it was her fault why Cosima couldn’t say anything. However, when Delphine got back to her lab she realised someone was following her and then she got shot and died.

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