Orphan Black Season 3 Recap: Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Orphan Black Season 3 Recap: Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis
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The latest episode of “Orphan Black” Season 3, Episode 2 “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” was less intense than its premiere. Well, it lacked action but its dullness only meant one thing: it’s a preparation for a storm to come that we will probably see next episode.

This time around, we give the whole body-swapping thing a rest as we concentrate on more trivial matters, specifically the Castor clones. Let’s start off with Sarah who is having a fantastic time with Kira in Cal’s house but their bonding was interrupted by Art’s presence.

Art told her that he’s back to work and then handed him photos of the two Castor clones who interrogated a woman to extract personal information from. Sarah posed as Beth Childs again to talk to the woman but it turns out that the woman also doesn’t have the information that Sarah needs only that the two men who came by both have similar tattoos: a two-headed horse located on their forearms.

Paul went to talk to Sarah to tell her that she and Kira has to get out of town before they find themselves in danger again and also revealed that Cal is a very rich guy who designs weapons for a living. Cal tried to talk to Sarah but she wasn’t able to pay attention to what he was saying because Rudy took Kira as hostage in her apartment. Rudy needs tissue samples from the original donors that Professor Duncan had and after acquiring what he needs, he lets them go and Sarah sent Kira with Cal to Iceland while she stayed behind to fix things.

Felix and Sarah got to Mark but it turns out that Mark had gone dark when we saw him burn his tattoo to escape the orders of the Castor clones.

The two men who interrogated the woman that Sarah interviewed earlier this episode were Seth and Rudy and after they have accomplished their mission, Paul ran some tests and ordered them back to base. And also, during the time that they took Kira as hostage, Rudy was interrupted by Seth’s screams and when he saw him he found him glitching so he decided to put an end to his suffering by shooting him.

Helena is pregnant and she was able to narrowly escape the stress test but then she met Dr. Virginia Cody who tried running some tests on her but then Helena heard the scorpion talking to her once again so Cody had to take her out of there. That’s when it was revealed to us that Helena is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by soldiers, which meant that escaping is nearly impossible. And to make Helena’s situation worse, Cody revealed to her that Sarah sold her out.

In other news, Cosima is getting well and she went with Scott to meet Dr. Neely and without caution, Cosima brought up Rudy so Neely told her that the Duncans have falsified information to hide the original samples for the Castor clones and Leda, which means that they won’t find out about their real stories.

To end this episode, we saw Allison buying Ramon’s business.

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