Orphan Black Season 5: Tatiana Maslany Battling Patriarchy In Show’s Final Run

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Orphan Black Season 5: Tatiana Maslany Battling Patriarchy In Show’s Final Run
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Orphan Black is heading to its fifth and final season, but do not expect that the show will slow down anytime soon. Golden Globes winner Tatiana Maslany has teased that the sci-fi series will continue to explore topical issues including the patriarchy. Read what she has to say below.

Feminist Trailblazers

The show is such a success not just because of its gripping plot. It is also because it is one of the sci-fi shows on television with not just one, but five female leads. Of course, Maslany portrayed the clones.

But the actress also recently talked about one other aspect of the show that fans love. During a panel at Wizard World in Portland, a fan asked the actress about the show’s inherent themes. She said via 411 Mania, “[what the clones are] fighting for are what we’re fighting for now, which is a voice, and autonomy and ownership of our bodies and our reproductive rights. A lot of this last season is about smashing the patriarchy.”

Orphan Black resounded to viewers because the issues that the clones have to deal with are quite similar to what women around the world continue to face. With the current political climate, the show and the message it tries to is more relevant now. Unfortunately, the story of Sarah and her sisters is coming to an end.

A Worthy Send-Off For Orphan Black

BBC America president Sarah Barnett promised that Orphan Black Season 5 will tie up loose ends. She added that it will conclude an epic story. In an interview with Deadline, the cable network boss compared the show’s final run to AMC’s Mad Men.

Barnett refused to divulge plot details about the series. However, she teased that the finale will be a celebration of what the show has established after five years on television. She explained, “I think with Orphan Black, the way we want to celebrate it is around the kind of audacity, and innovation, and real smarts, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Orphan Black Season 5 will see Sarah, Rachel, Cosima, Alison, Helena, and Kristal as they find the answers to questions about their existence. In the last season, the series also introduced new characters such as Wastemoreland. They will all play a larger role in the next one. Moreover, a major character will not survive the finale. The show returns to television on June 10 on BBC America.

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