Oscar Awardee Director Paolo Sorrentino Plans to Film the Pope

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Paolo Sorrentino is planning to make a film about the life of the first ever Italian-American man that took the papal seat.

Luckily for everyone’s delight, it is going to be a television series. It is not going to be one movie that you can only enjoy inside a 2-3 hour film. There are no official details on who will play the characters yet. However, they have announced that it is going to be done in eight parts. Each episode will run for 50 minutes.

They have not announced the other technicalities about where it will be shown. However, there are already speculations that it will be aired in Africa, United States, Italy and the Vatican.

The Production and the Staff

This project is going to be big and this is not just because of Paolo Sorrentino. He has won the Oscars for the best international film, but he can always do better. They will be working with an Italian crew to better execute the life of the pope. They will have a better look because of the tradition, the culture, and even the language.

They will be working with Sky and Wildside for the movie. These companies have not finalized their decisions to join the group yet. However, they are seen as the best fit for the work.

Pope as a Strong Total Protagonist

Since the story will run based on the life of the pope, they will be working their way to make things balanced, realistic but very powerful. He will be like one of the most celebrated protagonists in the history of the TV series. This is going to be like Walter White from Breaking and Frank Underwood from House of Cards.

Paulo Sorrentino chooses this plot because it develops a different form of loyalty to the people. This could cause a one day of love for the protagonist while hate on the next. White and Underwood have been known to foster bipolarity and knowledge in the show. This could be an issue, but there is no doubt that it is going to be interesting.

The director is planning for a horizontal run of scenes. If he catches this, then, it will definitely be like Breaking Bad and House of Cards, but with a different persona. Either way, it is easy to trust Paulo Sorrentino in his decisions. The Oscars can prove that. The only thing is that, will he step on some religious issues?

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