Outcast Season 2 Release Date, New Cast, Trailer: A New Villain Appears?

By Nathalie | 2 years ago
Outcast Season 2 Release Date, New Cast, Trailer: A New Villain Appears?

Robert Kirkman has done it again. Not only did he create the biggest show on television now (The Walking Dead), but he also created Outcast, which is on its way to The Walking Dead’s level of success. So what do we know so far in terms of Outcast season 2?

Outcast is a supernatural horror thriller series that follows Kyle Barnes, played by Gone Girl actor Patrick Fugit. Kyle has been disturbed by demons his entire life and is now looking for answers as to why it is happening to people close to him. The famous Cinemax series is based on a comics of the same title by the same creators, Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta.

Outcast Season 2 Renewal and Release Date

The best thing that fans of the show got about Outcast season 2 is its renewal. Actually, the fans were not even fans yet when the announcement came out. Outcast season 2 renewal was confirmed before season 1 even aired. Now that is some strong confidence with the show (and rightly so).

There are speculations going around saying that the release date will be delayed to avoid having conflicts with Kirkman’s other successful show, The Walking Dead. It was previously reported that Outcast season 2 is expected to return June or July of next year.

Still One Villain

Although there are a lot of different things happening in Outcast, it is all caused by just one entity. Brent Spiner plays Sidney, who basically unleashes evil like a loose canon whenever he wants. And it will remain the same for season 2. Sidney is a very dark character, but Spiner has learned to empathize with it. Rather than seeing him just plain evil, the actor said that he sees him as a man with a “job.”

New Character

There is a new player in town. According to a report by TV Series Finale, Chris Greene will join the cast of Outcast season 2. He will play Oscar, who is a “member of a cult-like church in Rome.”

Official Trailer Release

There are two things that fans of a TV series wait the most while the show is on break: release date and official trailer. The first promo of Outcast season 2 has just been released, and it is full on giving viewers a scare.

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