Outlander Season 1 Finale Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Finale Recap
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The brutality, the tragedy and the twists were excellently executed in the Season 1 finale of “Outlander” Episode 16 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul.” And with that being said, “Outlander” fans should prepare for a tidal wave of Emmy nominations because this season as well as the finale nailed it. Read below for the full recap:

The sexual assault on Jaime was definitely the highlight of the finale. It was gruesome yet virtuous in a way when Jaime let go and just let his body experience the pleasure because there was clearly no escape from that one.

And remember the cows that Murtagh thought about? Well, they were able to put that to good use because Claire used cattle to rescue the love of her life. But once rescued, Jaime was traumatized and could picture Randall in almost every movement Claire makes. He couldn’t even look at Claire and this distraught Claire the most. In the monastery where Claire took Jaime after rescuing him, Claire seek advice from a priest and the priest told her to have faith.

Jaime continued to act like a traumatized victim and wouldn’t eat. Claire was so worried so Murtagh called Jaime out for his behavior. Jaime went out of his “reverie” and spilled some details about what Randall did to him by showing the redcoat that Randall branded on his flesh. Murtagh told him that Claire loves him so much and he shouldn’t make her worry too much. Still, Jamie was so caught up in what happened to him (who wouldn’t be?) that he pleaded for Murtagh to end his misery by reaching for his blade.

Murtagh told Claire about Jaime’s suicidal attempt. Claire began to wonder why Jaime would want to die. He told her that Jaime was tortured and raped and he is determined not to let Jaime waste away.

Claire had other things in mind so she woke up Jaime with the use of her palm across his face because Jaime only responds to strength. It did the trick and Jaime finally opened up to her about what Randall did to him. Claire assured him that Randall only had his body but he didn’t get his soul. Somehow, it made Jaime happy. So what they did next was take off Randall’s brand on his flesh by cutting it off and they all set sail to France. And on the way there, Claire told Jaime that she’s pregnant!

Jaime was confused at first because he thought that Claire couldn’t get pregnant but he’s happy, “I never thought I’d be able to say such a thing again, but yes,” Jaime said.

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