Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Devil’s Mark

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Devil’s Mark
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Finally the cat’s out of the bag in “Outlander” Season 1, Episode 11 “The Devil’s Mark.” Read on.

Claire and Geillis were put on trial. Before it began, the two had a talk. Geillis told her that someone will come for them, but Claire knows the truth: no one’s coming for them. Geillis was expecting for Dougal, but Claire knows that she has been banished from Castle Leoch. It was due to the affair that he was in and Jamie was the one escorting him back home.

The first day of the trial came. They were surprised that Ned Gowan was there to represent them and he was really good. Three people spoke to testify against them, but Ned managed to turn the argument in favor of Claire and Geillis.

After the first day of trial, Geillis told Claire that they are doomed and they’re going to die. She then told Claire that she has been using her husband’s money to fund for Scotland for years, which meant that she is a Jacobite.

The second day of the trial began and the first witness was Laoghaire MacKenzie who has been scheming against Clare for weeks and if you remember the love potion she had Claire made earlier this season? Well, she used it against her and to make matters even worse, Laoghire was followed by Father Bain. We all know that he and Claire aren’t in good terms ever since the demon-inflicted child.

Surprisingly, Father Bain started repenting in front of the jury explaining that Claire actually saved the child. It was when he wasn’t able to and he should be relieved of his duties as a priest. And then he flashed an evil grin in Geillis’ way. Ned called for a recess and told them both that he could only save one and it has to be Claire.

Geillis and Claire had a talk. Geillis ask her to tell her the truth as to why she’s there. Claire told her that it was only an accident and there is no other reason. Geillis was ready to die but Claire wasn’t ready to let her. When they were back in court, they were both pronounced guilty and they were both being dragged to the stake to burn. It was until Geillis shouted that she brainwashed Claire and admitted to her “crimes” just as to save Claire. However, it wasn’t Geillis who saved the day because Jaime came right on time and he and Claire managed to escape.

When they were in a safe area, Jamie asked her is she is really a witch and then that’s why Claire told him everything. Jaime believed her and they made love. The next morning, Jaime took her to the standing stones so Claire can go home because he knows that’s what she wanted. Claire almost touched the stone but then Jaime pulled her into an embrace. Then he let go and told her there’s nothing for her on this side. He will stay at the camp until nightfall to ensure that she’s safe. Claire approached the stone and the scene went black.

We saw Jaime asleep and we heard Claire waking him up to take her home to Lallybroch.

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