Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Garrison Commander

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Garrison Commander
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The previous episode of “Outlander” ended with a cliffhanger — Lt. Jeremy was interrogating Claire if her being with a Scottish was in her own free will. Now in the latest episode, Episode 6 “The Garrison Commander,” someone was about to tie the knot. Read on for the full recap.

Claire answered the lieutenant that she was a guest, and this disappointed the lieutenant. However, that was not a concern in this episode. The main reason that they were there for Claire was because the garrison commander wanted to meet Claire. Dougal, on the other hand, wouldn’t leave Claire alone, and he declared that he’s going with her. He was very suspicious because he thinks that Claire just wants a reason to escape, and he wouldn’t have any of that.

As they got to a Scottish town that was taken over by British troops, Claire was so happy to finally be with her fellow Englishmen. She was so naïve. She thought that just because they’re British, they are her allies. Claire was feeling so happy to be back. And with that happiness, she won’t let it rub off on Dougal when she told him that he is the outlander now as the town is full of British troops.

Lt. Jeremy led them to the biggest house in town. In there, the leaders of the garrison were having dinner. Claire was introduced to the garrison commander, Ser Oliver Thomas. Things got pretty tensed during dinner because the British were so rude; they started to make fun of Dougal and even referred to him as a “creature.”

However, Claire maintained her good manners and even slightly defended Dougal by telling the British that some English accents were difficult to understand just like Scottish accents. The British troops were slightly shaken by her defense, but they didn’t let that get the best of them and still continued to “bully” Dougal. Dougal fought a little, and Claire told them to stop as they were acting like children. The commander finally had it and become so blatantly rude to Dougal and told him straight up that they didn’t want him at the table. Instead of being offended, Dougal felt relief and just headed to a pub.

Now that Dougal wasn’t in the room anymore, the British got down to business. They were all exchanging stories when Black Jack Randall came in the room to tell them that Dougal was drinking downstairs and only got shooed away by Ser Thomas. Before he left, he saw Claire, and Claire saw him. They were staring at each other, and this certainly didn’t go unnoticed because Ser Thomas questioned them if they know each other, but both denied it. As we all know, Black Jack Randall was the one who tried to rape her, and it was such a mystery why Claire let it pass and didn’t speak up.

However, Randall questioned Claire’s virtues, but Claire was on defense mode, which only aroused more suspicion. Ser Thomas asked Randall to take Claire back to Inverness. She spoke to Randall regarding Inverness after attending to a wounded man, and Randall told her that the trip going there was doomed. Randall doubted Claire’s loyalties, and in order to prove Claire’s loyalty, he wanted proof that Dougal was getting money for the Jacobite cause. This angered Claire and started throwing accusations to Randall’s face, but she still believed that he’s still a decent man. She was proven wrong when Randall punched her in the stomach. Before she got kicked, Dougal came to the rescue who was finally convinced that Claire wasn’t a spy and told her that in order to keep the British away from her, she should be a Scot, and that means she has to marry a Scot.

Claire was shocked by this idea because she thought she’s marrying Dougal, but Dougal has someone else in mind — Jamie. But before Claire could agree to this, she admitted to Jaime that she is no longer a virgin and asked him if this bothers him. What was Jamie’s answer?

“So long as it does not bother you that I am.”

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