Outlander Season 1 Recap: Lallybroch

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: Lallybroch
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Jamie’s finally home with Claire in “Outlander” Season 1, Episode 12 “Lallybroch.” However, it’s still not smooth sailing for Jaime because he had to take care of matters regarding his sister, Jenny who got herself in trouble.

Rumors are circulating that Randall has impregnated Jenny with a bastard child. And now that he’s in Lallybroch, he can finally see for himself if the rumors are true. When he and Claire arrived, Jenny who’s obviously pregnant jumped into his arms and to make matters even worse for Jaime, Jenny revealed that she has named her child after Jaime.

Jaime was furious and said that he is already going through a lot that she had to name the child after him, Jenny tried to explain but Jaime won’t let her. Their bickering was put to a halt when Ian, Jenny’s husband, arrived and Jaime asked him what kind of punishment Black Jack had ordered for Jenny.

Then we were taken to a flashback where we saw Jenny being harassed by Randall. He almost raped her but the problem was he couldn’t make it “hard.” And Jenny laughed at him, she kept on laughing at his “impotence” that Randall got pissed off that he knocked her out and when she woke up, Randall’s gone.

That only means that Jenny is not pregnant with Randall’s baby. When they were back in the sitting room, Jenny asked him if he intends to stay at Lallybroch with a price on his head. Jaime said that he’s waiting for a pardon by the Duke of Sandringham. Jenny was surprised that Jaime was awaiting the pardon of an Englishman and then shot a meaningful look at Claire.

Then we had another flashback where we saw Jaime’s father, Ft. William begging mercy from Black Jack and Jaime was told that he needs to get clearance from the Duke of Argyll to save his father. However, the Black Jack had another offer but Jamie declined so he had to endure more lashes and his father wasn’t able to take seeing his son suffer that he dropped dead but Jaime was unaware of that back then because he was in so much pain and he passed out. Until now, Jaime feels guilty of his father’s death.

The next day, it’s collection day but Jaime was feeling generous that he let it slide except for one resident, a man named Mr. MacNab because Claire saw him hitting his son. Later that day, Mr. MacNab left his son at their doorstep to tend to. Aside from that, Jenny wasn’t pleased with how Jaime is handling the town that they got into an argument. Jaime stood his ground and had a piece of bread when he noticed that the bread wasn’t good and that’s when he found out that the mill is broken. So, what he did next was fix it.

And when he was fixing it, the Red Coats came and Claire and Jenny tried to distract them and one soldier almost went to the mill to help out but luckily Jaime was able to fix it on time. Jenny saw the scars on his brother’s back and that’s when it dawned on her how much his brother endured over the years. So that night, the two shared a nice moment and reconciled and even went to their father’s grave where they apologized for their behavior towards one another. All is well until the next day Claire woke up without Jaime beside her to find him downstairs surrounded by armed men.

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