Outlander Season 1 Recap: Rent

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: Rent
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In the latest episode of “Outlander” Season 1 Episode 6 “Rent,” we followed Claire on her road trip with Dougal and some men to collect rent from residents who live across the MacKenzie lands. Read on for the full recap.

The episode opened up with Claire reciting a poem to John Donne but got interrupted by Ned Gowan, who was coughing so bad. Of course, nurse Claire was to the rescue and gave him something for his cough. After saving him from that terrible coughing fit, they became close friends. They continued to talk when they got back to their horses, but Claire still wanted to get back to the stones, and she’s really bothered by this. To make things worse, she’s the only woman in the group.

The men were all laughing and making jokes, and Claire couldn’t relate to them, so she sulked. Fortunately, though, Jamie was with the men, and he talked to Claire when he noticed her sulking and assured her not to worry about being left out. They went to a village, and while the men were collecting the rent, Claire came across a group of women who were doing the grossest thing ever — beating wool that is soaked in pee — and they’re doing this because it helps the dye set faster. Claire, with her desire to be with some women and do something fun, joined in. When she was about to pee, one of the men yanked her out of the group because she disappeared without informing them.

Claire had some drinks, and Dougal accused her of being drunk. When the night came, Dougal mortified Jamie in front of the group by letting him take his shirt off. Once he did, Douglas threw the shirt to Claire to make herself useful. She was astounded by this that she threw back the shirt to Douglas.

Claire doesn’t like the idea of collecting rents, so she tried to rebel against it by starving herself because she knows their plan for war and to create an army that isn’t going to work well. The next morning, Claire was feeling better and softer towards the men because it dawned on her that these men are fighting for something that they believe in. During their journey, their group came across hung men, and it was so gruesome. Dougal asked his men to take the bodies and give them a proper Christian burial.

That night, Claire heard some shuffling in front of her door, so she grabbed a stick to defend herself. When she opened the door, she saw Jaime stretched out on the ground. Apparently, Jaime was protecting her because all the men were drunk, and they might just make a move on Claire. Claire asked Jaime to stay inside, but Jaime did not want to, again protecting her virtue. Claire also wanted the same, so she just grabbed a blanket inside and gave it to Jaime.

The next morning, Dougal allowed Claire to go wash herself up, which was new. But of course, Douglas allowed her because he had an agenda. He followed Claire to interrogate her about doubting his men, but Claire only told him that she’s just trying to save them. Their conversation was interrupted when a British army showed up, inquiring about Claire’s well-being, and then the episode ended.

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