Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Search

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Search
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Now that Jaime has been captured by the Red Coats, it is up to Claire to save him. However, Jaime is not where they thought he would be but someone’s willing to help but with a price. Read below for the full recap of “Outlander” Season 1 Episode 14 “The Search.”

She is on her way to rescue the love of her life but there’s one problem, though: she is not familiar with the Highlands. Ian volunteered to accompany her but with only one leg now, he won’t be much of a help so it was Jenny who was up for it.

Jenny is an awesome tracker and she really tackles things head-on. She doesn’t even flinch when she squeezed horse poop in her palm to check its temperature. On their way, they followed several vultures, which led them to several dead Watch men and Jenny prayed over them. And then they were off again until Jenny asked to stop again because she’s going to burst. Burst meaning her breasts are in pain because of the milk.

While Jenny was relieving herself from the pain, Claire discussed her plan: She plans to go above Black Jack’s head and appeal to his superior Lord Thomas. However, Jenny wasn’t impressed. They heard voices and Jenny was ready with her weapons and tossed on to Claire. It is the Red Coat encampment and they spied watching MacQuarrie but they didn’t see Jaime.

Jenny hatched a plan and pretended to fall in front of the Red Coats. He checked on her and that’s when she and Claire drew their weapons. They tried to extract information out of him but he doesn’t want to tell them anything. Claire rummaged through his bag for clues and found out that Jaime ran away. She plans to tear it up so no one will set out to look for Jaime. Now that they have their clue and they have no use of the soldier, Claire and Jenny argued what to do with him and none is really willing to kill the man until Murtagh appeared and slit theman’s throat.

With Murtagh’s presence, they sent Jenny back home and they continued their journey to find Jaime. Before leaving, Jenny and Claire switched weapons and even gave advices to one another. Claire instructed her to plant potatoes because soon there will be famine.

Murtagh doesn’t know where to start looking for Jaime but that doesn’t matter because Claire is confident that Jaime will find them. All they have to do is draw attention to themselves. So Claire started to sing a song and the rival gypsies stole their song, which isn’t good so Claire confronted their leader and even offered him cash to stop performing. Murtagh didn’t like this and almost sent Claire back to Lallybroch but the two had a conversation by the ocean when Murtagh told her that she’s not the only one who loves Jaime as he treats him like his own son and he was in love with Jaime’s brother. Actually, he was the one who gave those bracelets to Jaime’s mother that she’s wearing.

Claire saw him in a different light and they hugged. And right on cue, good news came saying that someone loved her song and wants to talk to her. When they arrived, they found Dougal who revealed to them that Jaime is Wentworth Prison. Dougal is willing to help her get there and rescue Jaime but in exchange, she will marry him if Jaime dies. Claire agreed.

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