Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Watch

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: The Watch
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In “Outlander” Season 1, Episode 13 “The Watch” Jaime caught himself in a bad place… in a very bad place. Read below for the full recap:

Last episode ended with Jaime surrounded by a group of men, it turns out that this men are from The Watch and since they never saw Jaime around they thought that he was a thief. Jenny was there to save the day claiming that he is her cousin. The Watch then let go of Jaime while Jamie wasn’t too pleased with how things turned out especially the fact that his sister welcomed these men into her home.

Jenny explained that the men offers protection from the Red Coats and she and Ian wasn’t left with so much choice. Taran, the leader of The Watch bonded with Jamie and Ian at dinnertime talking about war stories and Jaime accidentally shared some war stories himself, which made Taran a bit suspicious.

His suspicions escalated when Jaime made a remark about Ian’s tobacco and one guy from The Watch set fire to a wagon full of hay. Jaime confronted them and fought them on his own and Taran broke the fight and told Jaime that he could use a man like him. He considered the offer but he couldn’t take it because one of the members is Horrocks who knows of his past and could totally ruin his cover to Taran and The Watch.

Surprisingly, Horrocks didn’t give him away and acted as if he doesn’t know who he really is. Then it was revealed what The Watch is doing at Lallybroch: they are planning to intercept and rob the Chisholm rent party.

Amidst the complicated matter involving Jaime, Horrocks and The Watch, Jenny’s baby found the right time to get out of this world. Jenny’s water broke and Claire helped her and she learned that the baby is breech. Also, to make matters worse, the midwife is busy with a sick child, which means that Jenny and her baby are left with Claire. Although Jenny wasn’t the least bothered by it and even asked Claire to get her dram and even mentioned that she’s pretty sure that she’s having a boy.

Jamie talked to Horrocks and Horrocks revealed why he didn’t blow his cover: he wants money to be able to sail to the colonies and another surprise was that Jaime and Jenny have some money, thanks to their father who put away funds for them. Before giving the money, Jamie told Claire about it first and surprisingly Claire got emotional and told Jaime that she is sorry that she can never have a child. She knows even before she met him and she should have told him right away. Jaime told her that it’s ok and maybe it’s for the best.

Jaime gave Horrocks the money but Horrocks said that it wasn’t enough. He threatened him more while Jaime prepares to shoot him but Ian beat him to the punch and stabbed Horrocks, protecting Jaime.

Taran noticed Horrocks’ absence so he questioned Jaime and Ian. Jamie took the blame and said that Horrocks was going to blackmail him. Surprisingly, Taran was pleased that Horrocks is dead but Jaime now owes Taran a favor for keeping mum about the truth behind his identity.

Jaime gave birth to a baby girl named whom they named Margaret and Jenny gifted Claire with bracelets that belonged to her mom.

When the Chisholm party arrived to the point predetermined by Horrocks, it turns out that Horrocks betrayed them. The raid was actually a ruse and Ian returned to Lallybroch to deliver the bad news: Jaime has been captured by the English.

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