Outlander Season 1 Recap: Wentworth Prison

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Outlander Season 1 Recap: Wentworth Prison
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The finale of “Outlander” Season 1 is fast approaching and the latest episode, Episode 15 “Wentworth Prison” is just the right touch leading up to the show’s season finale coming this May 30, 2015.

The episode opened with Jamie and McQuarrie in chains, awaiting their turn to die. Jamie tried to make a run for it but MacQuarrie wasn’t feeling it so he stepped out to face his death when they called his name. Then it was Jamie’s turn and he did put up a fight but he is outnumbered and just when he’s about to get hanged, someone called out to stop the execution and it’s no other than… Black Jack himself.

Of course, he wasn’t there to save him because he ordered that he be sent back to the dungeons and deal with him on his own, which means that he plans to kill Jaime himself.

Meanwhile, Claire is hatching a plan of her own so she went to visit the prison warden Sir Fletcher and asked if she may visit Jaime. The warden didn’t allow her to. She’s not about to give up, though. She and Murtagh went to the nearest bar to drink where they found Angus and Rupert having fun with the locals. Claire took this an opportunity to gather intel and she found out that the warden has his evening meal at a certain time then after he goes for a 25-minute Bible-reading session and reflection and this means that he’s going to be away from his office for an hour and Claire knew that she has to make proper use of that time to smuggle Jaime out of prison.

At Wentworth, Black Jack visited Jaime in his cell along with a huge man named Marley as well as Jaime’s petition, which he brought to burn in front of Jaime. Meanwhile, Claire has managed to snuck in prison and when she got there, Jaime, Marley and Black Jack were already fighting each other off.

Black Jack took the opportunity to use Claire against Jaime but Jaime pleaded for him not to take Claire in exchange for himself. Black Jack then striked Jaime’s hand with a hammer while Claire was thrown out but she could still hear Jaime’s cries of pain.

After that, Black Jack escorted Claire out of prison and tells him that the rumors are true: she is a witch and she whispered the exact date of his death. Enraged, Randall threw Claire out a trap door where the graves of the executed are. She soon found Murtagh with the Mackenzie’s at Marcus’ place. It turns out that Marcus was also in love with Jaime’s mom and she found out about this when she tried to offer him the Scotch pearls to in exchange of his men to fight for Jaime. However, it looks like they won’t be needing men because Murtagh has cooked up a plan that involves cows…

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